The Fruit Of The Dead

Pomegranates or the fruit of the dead , feature in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and we’re a symbol of fertility in Classical times . Revered throughout ages, it is likely that the apple that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden was in fact Pomegranate .

The word pomegranate means “apple with many seeds “.

1. Gardening

Pomegranate is a dense , frost-hardy , deciduous shrub or small tree, naive to the Middle East but now cultivated worldwide in warm temperate regions .

It reaches 6m and has small shiny leaves and funnel shaped , crinkled orange-red flowers.

Pomegranate flowers and fruit are very ornamental . They make wonderful pot plants and garden rooms . Ample warmth and sunshine in summer and a winter minimum of 10°C is ideal .

The two most widely grown ornamentals are dwarf P.granatum var. nana and the double flowered P.granatum f.plena . ‘Wonderful’ a Californian clone , has tasty fruits and juice and a high level of antioxidants.

  • Position –

Well-drained soil in full sun. Container plants thrive with a little well-rotted compost or slow release fertilizer.

  • Propagation-

Sow seeds in spring at 20-25°C or take semi-ripe cuttings in summer .

  • Maintenance –

Remove awkward shoots in spring to give an open , well shaped framework . Feed pot grown plants monthly. Keep on the dry side in low winter temperatures.

  • Pests and diseases-

Bug and moth larvae , which cause leaves to ‘web’ together are sometimes a problem for pants grown indoors .

  • Harvesting and storing-

Fruits are picked when ripe and the seeds are seperated from the rind and membrane . Roots are dug in autumn and stripped of bark. Rind and barks are dried for medicinal compounds .

2. Herbal Medicine –

Punica granatum. Parts used – rind , root bark, fruit extracts . Traditional uses of pomegranate focusses on the rind and root bark . These parts contain toxic alkaloids which eleminate the intestinal parasites and disrupt the reproductive cycle. Today the emphasis is on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in the fruit extracts.

Research has shown that pomegranate extracts stimulate the immune system and have anticancer and antidiabetic activity . Do not use pomegranate rind and root bark for any purpose unless prescribed by a qualified person.

3. Cooking –

Pomegranate seeds are eaten fresh , on their own or in fruit salads and other desserts . The juice is delicious , often blended with other juices or made into sorbet and jellies .

It is also evaporated to make syrup , known as grenadine , which is used in cocktails and molasses or dibs rumman , a favourite ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Pick pomegranates that are unblemished, with smooth , thick skin and a heavy feel .

Eat healthy and stay healthy !!

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  1. Love it and my favourite.Thanks for the rich information

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    1. Welcome 🌻😇
      Glad you found it informative.


  2. Such an awesome info !

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  4. I have never tasted Pomegranate.

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  5. Fruits are love and pomegranate is the queen…. Great info yar..

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  6. Joylandschulze Dec 4, 2018 — 19:47

    i never tried it.

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      1. Joylandschulze Dec 8, 2018 — 20:29

        in my country we don’t have like that fruit, it’s not common hehe


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