Facts about a C-Section and Newborn I never knew as first time mom

I might have been a bit naive; after all; I do have a “wing it” kind of attitude towards life, so if you are calculated and plan everything out, then this post will be of no use to you, because you will know all these things beforehand, for me however, so many things about my procedure and newborn caught me by surprise, I was so not prepared for this.


  • It is quite uncomfortable to be awake and start naked in front of the doctors and nurses in the theater – I don’t know about you , but somehow, being awake for a surgery was scary enough for me, I did not even think of all the little things that would be so intense, for me, once the epidural was placed and they lay me down on the operating table and took my hospital gown off, I felt like I could just die right there! I have never felt so self-conscious and vulnerable in my entire life, it was horrible (I know doctors see it every day, but still, it was so intense for me).
  • Shaking – I did not know that once that epidural is placed that I would shiver for basically the duration of the whole procedure, and I mean, properly, at one point it was so bad that I could barely speak, the only way to describe it; when you are cold, and you start shivering uncontrollably? For me this was what it felt like, just more intense and for longer. I also still had random “shiver attacks” at night for a few weeks afterwards.
  • Back Pain – I did not know that I would have intense back pain for several weeks after the surgery (due to the epidural) this did go away quickly though.
  • Looking after a newborn and recovering from a surgery is no joke – Although I expected as much; I did not realize just how hard it would be; even though you are no longer pregnant, you still cant bend down, or walk without everything hurting, in fact, new areas hurt now But at least you can take some pain medication now.
  • The pain – To be honest; I expected worse pain from it all, but to me, the only time it was ever unbearable was at 1 am the first night, where I thought I was dying, the rest I could handle.
  • Recovery – Recovery for me was much longer than I anticipated, after the first three days, I felt much better and walking around became easier, but my stomach was still very tender to touch and getting dressed was no easy task, my whole body felt stiff for weeks on end.


  • Newborn need to lay on their side – Who knew! In the hospital I placed my baby on her back and the nurse told me to place her on her side to prevent choking on milk or spit up, this caught me by surprise because I did not even think about it that way, but now it makes total sense.
  • Newborns need to have 10 wet nappies a day – This is to ensure that they are eating enough and getting enough nutrients from the milk, change your baby’s nappy before every feed (this also ensures that they are more awake for the feed)
  • Not all babies like to be swaddled – Despite what the experts tell you; not all babies enjoy being swaddled, my baby hated it, she was swaddled for about the first 3 weeks and after that she would scream if we swaddled her and break free, she is 6 months old now and still hates a blanket over her.
  • “Babywearing” is not for everyone – A friend of mine suggested that I buy a sling for my baby as it allows you to get more done during the day; once again, my baby hated every second of it, I ended up with three different wraps just to be sure. Lesson – every baby is different!
  • Your baby does not like bath time or getting dressed – I never thought of it like this; but your baby hates bath time or dressing in their first few weeks of life, the reason for this is simple; they are not used to it, now (well my baby hates when I pull anything over her head), but she loves bath time.

These are but a few examples, but maybe it could help you be more prepared than I was, and not caught off guard, although parenthood will always surprise you in one way or another, maybe you can just be aware of the little things.

There is just never a dull moment when you are a new mom, embrace the chaos!




9 thoughts on “Facts about a C-Section and Newborn I never knew as first time mom

  1. I’m not a Mom yet, but these are good things to be aware 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, You helped me to remember though I did not have a c-section (and wish I had because my baby tore my outer part of my vagina coming out and they just said it would heal on its own. It was very painful, and I remembered my back hurt too. OK, I think the part about having to stand naked before the doctors and nurses would be bad, but I think having to spread your legs lying on your back and having everyone looking at it. Having a baby one way or the other is a painful and yes, embarrassing thing, but the reward of seeing your little one suddenly (and I don’t think you know more when you have it the regular way because I know for me when the pain got bad, they gave me shots and I went to sleep). When I woke up, there was a baby so they could have brought it from anyplace for all I knew. And yes, I remember about the baby needing to lie on its side. I don’t remember about the bath and putting on things though. I am surprised that I remember any of this. That was some 60 years ago! Wow, where did the time go? Glad you and baby are doing well.

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    1. You are so right, having a baby (in any way) is not a glamorous occasion haha. I felt so bad for my husband having to witness everything. But yes, I do think our brains are wired to forget the little details, in order for us to have another one 😛 Thank you for the great comment!

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  3. I had an emergency c-section with my daughter and yeah seriously had no idea it would be how it was! Awesome that you wrote this post to give women a heads up. 😊

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    1. Nothing can prepare you haha , maybe not even this post , cause every person experiences Everything so differently, but hopefully the honestly helps someone out there 🙏🏻❤️ thanx for the great feedback


  4. I also had a c-section and my daughter is now 10 months. I unfortunately was not awake during the procedure because the drugs did not work. I think the hardest thing for me was not being able to drive or do any type of activity for a little while. I was finally cleared to do stuff around the house at 8 weeks but could still feel pulling and pressure at the site. I am constantly struggling with have a belly still and what I call my c section pouch underneath. I do not think anyone prepares you for the long term recovery that follows. It is true that every body is different and some people recover faster than others.

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    1. So agree ! And that pouch is also still with me 11 months later , smaller but yeah haha you so know what I mean ! But hey , we are stronger for it 💪🏻


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