O Woman!Break the Walls; Stand up for yourself!!

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In a world where everyone is trying to be progressive, where we pick up every opportunity to dwell about feminism and woman empowerment.

I think there is still a large population who are struggling to break the walls. There are so many women out there who work independently and earn for their living but there is an underlying misogyny which prevails always that we create restrictions upon ourselves even without our knowledge. Maybe we deny it or give a blind eye as it is ingrained in our system.

When young, our dreams and aspirations see no gender until all the voices around start creeping in our head. We start setting limitations for ourselves by default on top of the limitations of what people have on us.

If you are a woman, you are asked to behave a certain way, talk a certain way, sit a certain way. The expectations become so rampant that we start eliminating our dreams to become someone or to achieve something which we do not want to.

One such concern which I see in most of the middle class families especially is in regard to Marriage. It does not matter if you are a house maker or working woman, we are expected to compromise in most of aspects of our married life. If you want to give your savings to your family, help your family after marriage, it is less likely a possibility for many of them. I know there is a percentage of people who are very supportive, but I am talking about the other bunch who silently take in whatever is given.

It is the year of 2018 and there are still people who ask for dowry even if the girl earns the same or even higher than the man. And the girl’s family themselves do not refuse it as they think by rejecting the dowry, they are risking their girl’s happiness after marriage. I am astonished at the boy and the girl who have the least amount of say in all this.

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Do you think we should blame the man completely for not being open minded or sensible? I do not think so; It is the woman who is to blame. if we do not voice out our opinion, then no-one will understand our concern.

Do not let these walls define who you are. Be sensible towards yourself and think what is your desire or you want in that situation. If the situation is not in your favor, then you must voice out your concern. Because you know why? No matter how much the whole world talks about equality, when it comes to acting upon it, we all fail. People need to be reminded of what the right thing to do when it comes to sensibility.

I heard this line today- “How we treat a person during the darkest moment of their lives is a benchmark of humanity.” And I just love how much depth this sentence has. So, if you are going through dull, frustrating or even the darkest situations; treat yourself well. That is how you can create a benchmark for yourself and for every woman around you.
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For all those who think feminism is overrated and who do not understand the meaning- “Feminism is not being equal to Men. Feminism is about providing equal opportunities, respect, value and recognition to both man and woman.”

“O Woman, there will be walls ahead of you in every aspect of life. Be it school     college, job, marriage or anything.

Do not give up, do not think that you are born only to fulfill limited number of tasks administered by someone. 

Be the Live wire, voice out your opinion, stand up for yourself.

Break those walls that restrict our dreams and who you want to be.

Be the agent of change, so you be an example for the women around you!”

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10 thoughts on “O Woman!Break the Walls; Stand up for yourself!!

  1. Couldn’t have been better explained. Not only in India, but in the Middle East too! Mostly I hate the concept of having a dowry paid for the girl’s family. It makes it seem as though it’s a business transaction of some sorts. When my son grows, I’m not allowing any of this dowry nonsense if it still existed.

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    1. Thank you! Even though people say dowry does not exist , there is so much that happens in the background…


  2. chrisbrittany Sep 1, 2018 — 16:21

    Love this post! Well said 👌

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  3. Fantastic message, someone must be so proud of you, really love your posts 😀

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  4. Really inspirational and true. I think it’s time for me to break some imaginary walls I have built for myself..

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    1. Be the change you want to see… More power to you ..


  5. Great post, so true and well written

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  6. Thank you for sharing this, Well Said

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