when unspoken becomes unspeakable

true that
“that which is unspoken
becomes unspeakable”

maybe it is high time
to move on


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6 thoughts on “when unspoken becomes unspeakable

  1. And two become one!


  2. Thats him? No. Implies men are to blame. But I do like what you’re facilitating here!

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    1. There are men too who have undergone this..


  3. But are men always to blame? Men and women are both capable of atrocities.

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    1. In this piece i have not blamed men. I have supported the affected men.

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      1. Indeed. I’m not against you or your message at all. I’m just trying to figure out a new term that is genderless, to represent the unheard voice of the inter and trans gendered people. That’s all. The… third perspective.sorry. didn’t mean to make it sound like I was attacking or anything.


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