The Extensive Exagerations.

Everybody judges everything without knowledge. Yeah, we all do that, especially if you’re going to contradict now saying “No, I don’t judge“, one percent of hatred has already rooted in your mind against the following contents in this article.

And why that hatred?.

Because of the little pint of a judgment of the entire content just by the first sentence of this article.

As a human being its one of our basic nature to judge everything, but what really brings oceans of unstable emotions to us is the Exaggeration. Now arises a question of how and what do we exaggerate ?.

We exaggerate everything we desire, let it be people or things, we apply that to everything. We exaggerate the qualities of a person just because we like them or we exaggerate the qualities of a car not even test driven. This leads us to hate ourselves, if that specific person moves out of our life or when we can’t own that car.

Oh! We exaggerate everything we hate too. From exaggerating the bad characters of our ex just because they left us, who we admired once, to exaggerating the uselessness of a mobile phone bought over a year ago, just because a new model arrived in the market. These lead us to the same door of pain and hatred.

The only way to avoid the emotions of pain, heartbreaks, downfalls, etc., is to stop exaggerating and realizing that

“People or things, they are what they are , they are not what we judge and exaggerate them in our mind” 

Yeah, we can’t stop judging. Everything the human sense perceives, it Judges. But we can avoid exaggerating at every moment and thus stop the whole plot of hatred feelings.

It is the soul which never exaggerates, lives in peace and harmony.


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12 thoughts on “The Extensive Exagerations.

  1. Exactly!! Well said 👌❤

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  2. Aptly written and very true!

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  3. I want to reblog this. So I will. It’ll go up on the 2nd. Xx

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  4. True! Human expectations are ever increasing!

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  5. You have well explained human stupidity without exaggeration bro.Hats off !

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    1. Thank you 🖤❤️


  6. I am working, mightily on not exaggerating-and on not judging. Being unable to be in someone else’s skin, I have to at least step back for a minute, when it comes to reacting to SPEECH. If I see someone hurting another, though, I have to step in, as hurting another is also hurting oneself.

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    1. Wow !! Be blessed with happiness ❤️

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