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It’s been broken, it’s been wounded. And I lay it here on the table for us to inspect it for everything can become a teachable moment if you know how to spin it. By the way, may no mind the gaping hole in my chest. That is from a completely unrelated matter.. I don’t so […]

via Here is my heart — Modern Mystic Mother

So I continue my blogging journey. And this here is what I have written about my heart. It is my explanation of that… that multifaceted, difficult thing to define… that thing that I do.

I just republished it on my blog bescause I realise it was backdated to the moment I saved it on my laptop (19th November, yesterday, last night) although I didn’t finish publishing it until this morning around 8:30am. So! I republished it to make it… “new” I don’t know. But to share it with the PRESENT audiece.

In the comments section I wrote about my heart, and how it leaves “gifts” for people. And those gifts are delievered to people via the words that spill forth from my mouth. The “gifts” aren’t… pre-prepared. It’s something different for everyone. The gifts.. I don’t even know what I am giving, I just give me opinion on the matter, I give my ideas about something. I give a varied perspective.

I was absolutely sick of people taking these… “words of wisdom” and then using them INCORRECTLY. Because they lacked context of the situation. Of when or where or why or how or… whatever. And the most hurtful thing was the lack of “thanks K” because they did not ever acknowledge me in the slightest. It was “hey, that sounds smart” and yoink! My ideas are taken from me.

Which in one respect is completely fine. I do not own copyrights to ideas and thoughts. I very much encourage people to THINK FOR YOURSELF. TAKE INITIATIVE! But to also acknowledge where you got the idea from. Acknowledge your muse. Say the source of inspiration out loud. Because with thoughts becoming more of a commodity, something “sellable” and “marketable”, that’s why we have copyright laws adn stuff to begin with.

In education, we can bypass the copyright laws for a very small thingy… Um… Like… So long as it is used for educational purposes and not for profit, you can photocopy like a chapter from a textbook or 10% of a text. That is how you get around paying for the right for publication, or reprinting. So I very much encourage you guys to take whatever you want or whatever you get from my words. I do share them publicly, I’m not hoarding my ideas to myself.

I only ask for a display of gratitude. An expression of thanks. Likes are nice enough, I leave likes everywhere I feel necessarily moved to do so. However all the posts I read, I do not click “like” on all of them. I “like” something as innocuously as a “thumbs up”

But there are posts that I truly love. They move me to no ends. And I do not click like on those ones. Because i don’t necessarily “like” the post itself. I like the idea, and so I usually write very long comments when I am engaging with people. Because it is people I want to connect with. There is so much writing and words and songs and art and ads and trash and spam on the internet. They’re all so much… so much the same thing, just.. ugh. It is difficult to disseminate them all.

It’s fucking nigh impossible for me to “promote” because I don’t know what the fuck it is. It’s whatever other people get from it. Whatever they want it to be. Wisdom, insight, knowledge, ideas, other people, connections,…

I plan to make a Patreon campaign. Actually, I already have a Patreon account, but I don’t feel comfortable promoting it just yet because… Because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

But if you were interested in checking it out, click the link. I dunno what I’m doing, and I haven’t exactly made a plan. I just… was trying to get this far HAHA. Just trying to… get by. But with all of your support, dear readers, you keep me going! You keep me wanting to write! You inspire me to NOT JUST CHUCK THE BLOG AWAY. You inspire me to keep going. So I want to thank you all. Especially harshinee, anovicescribe, zena, philosophy through photography, jaymentor. I dunno. I can’t remember other people just now. Oh yeah, syncwithdeep. OMG you guys, you are true inspirations. To me. Thank you from the pit of my mechanical heart. Thank you.

Anyway. Here are the links.

  • ModernMysticMother, my main page, my main bloggy blog.
  • Cult of Kim, my new religion, to replace the patriarchy. It’s to promote critical independent thought.
  • My gofundme / mycause fundraising for my own freedom page.
  • My patreon (omg, it’s there, but I do plan on changing it around a ton of ways) to ultimately fund my attempt to be an online presence full time, and to fund my quest to write my own bible, and my own books about stuff.

1 thought on “Here is my heart — Modern Mystic Mother

  1. Interesting…. thanks for sharing… 🙂

    “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

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