Dear parents,

Dear parents,

I know, you are very disappointed with me. I lost, oh wait, we lost the alliance of India’s most eligible bachelor today. Because of my lame reason ,”I’m not ready for marriage.”
Sounds lame, right? It is not. I can’t get married just because our relatives’ daughters get married by 23. They’ve either got settled in their careers or don’t have any, if you observe keenly. That maasi’s daughter whose example you give me, did she get married out of her own will? No. She became a victim of the age-old killer dialogue “Log kya kahenge?”
The society praising me endlessly will not make me so happy as my success will do. Also, I don’t want to be praised because I found a bridegroom who earns in millions. It is his talent and endeavour,not mine. I’ve completed my education six months back. I did get a job but I’m not totally settled. Settling is not synonymous to five- digit salary. I need to understand the industry I’m working, the responsibility I’ve taken up and the worth of money I earn. I’m just a kid. In front of you,in front of the world.
I’ll definitely get married. I’ll marry a man who’ll make you proud. I’ll be an ideal daughter-in-law and a supportive wife. But any of these cannot happen right now. I am not in a position to share my life with another person, within the next few months merely because he can’t come to India again or because great-great-grandmom wishes to see my kids.

Your daughter.

13 thoughts on “Dear parents,

    1. Thanks Anamika💜

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      1. Welcome Prakarsha….


  1. Wow thats candid and so well expressed👍🏻👍🏻

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  2. Good on you Prakarasha , stick up for your rights and do what makes you happy. I was forced into a marraige years ago because I had a child out of wedlock. There was no love, it was a disaster, plus I was only 20 and he wasnt the father of the baby.

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    1. myibelieveinfairies Nov 1, 2018 — 10:17

      Makes me sad when I hear this as no-one should be forced into a relationship. Hope you’ve found happiness now. x

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      1. I did get married to someone that I thought was the love of my life but he turned out to be mentally abusive and started having affairs so that was the end of that. I have been alone now for 10 years and I am ok with that. I am content, happy and safe. Who knows I might met someone else , I won’t say never again. x


      2. myibelieveinfairies Nov 3, 2018 — 02:20

        Sorry you had those experiences but glad you’re past them now. Love and pixie dust to you xxx

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      3. Thank you both for reading my work!!


  3. Thank you for this one


    1. Most welcome. Thanks for reading it actually


  4. myibelieveinfairies Nov 1, 2018 — 10:18

    Well said and good for you. Hope you have love and happiness and find the right person to share your life with, when the time is right for you xxx

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