Untold Story of Every Elephant.

Thailand, a beautiful and quick name of a country that comes to our mind when planning a trip, isn’t it?

and what picture we get in our mind when we hear that name?

Elephants and Food!


Let’s get deeper into Elephants and Thailand Tourism.

The moment you search for Places to visit in Thailand, there comes a lot of Buddhist temples with amazing architecture, Exotic beaches and zoos and animal sanctuaries and camps.

And now most of the Animal related Business venues like Zoos, Sanctuaries and Camps there, has “Shows” in their brochure. Shows which were mostly performed by Elephants. They play soccer, they paint, they walk over a person laying on the ground not stomping him etc,. These elephants are also used for trekking and casual rides. You could watch all this on Youtube.

Now, when we have a close look at these elephants and Mahouts( The person who works or rides with Elephants ), There comes a question of ” Do these Elephants really love their mahouts and they work so that he can earn ?“. The answer is


“No, they don’t love their mahouts. They fear them and they fear everything around them like an ant struck up in a ground of army drill fearing sound of a boot”


Elephants are not like our Dogs or Cats or Cows. They are a species of Pride, Intelligence, Spirit and extreme Strength. Elephants are social animals but they expect respect, even among themselves, they extend their trunk towards each other for greeting respectfully. But how such a species is made to do things that they hate, but not trying to offend their mahouts every single time. How?


Its because they are made dead before they enter this Elephant trade businesses


They call this Elephant Soul killing Process called “Phajaan” meaning Elephant crushing. The baby elephant is separated from its mother and kept in isolation for weeks and even months sometimes in a small wooden cage without space to move and sometimes not without food and water too. Then they take them out, all tied up and the baby elephants try to get out of the chains and fight. These fighting elephants are beaten and wounded and hurt to the core until they give up.

At that point, they believe the soul of the elephant is separated from the body and give up on living and fighting and they are ready to do whatever the Mahouts tell them to do. Since they are not allowed to sleep, continuously beaten up, without food and water building up mental stress, 50% of the Elephants die and the 50% in rest which survives go mad and the surviving soul crushed elephants are brought into the business.


The Elephants in the Phajaan undergo Mental break that can push a Human to suicide in a horrible way. They cry every night thinking of their mother, their herd and everything they had before taken away.

These elephants even when taken to rehabilitation centres and let their chains off, they still don’t move or they move in circles as a toy. They take a lot of time to realise they are an Elephant and get in good social connections with the herd in the Rehabilitation centre.

This article is not meant only for people who travel to Thailand. This is meant for everyone in every country where you witness an Elephant doing unnatural things and earning a buck for someone. Ther are all the survivors of Phajaan and remember its just the body that survived.

When we pay for a casual ride over an elephant or a trekking into a forest or watching them play soccer or paint or dance or do silly stupid circus tricks or even take a selfie and we pay for that, we are just encouraging that act of violence and terrorful Phajaan over the next generation of newborn elephants.

Elephants love Respect, not a chain over their Neck or Leg.

Even when they are in a temple with chains, they are just in the captive of a selfish demon who we encourage.

So let’s stop this violence by not turning our heads for elephant Business and let them live peacefully in their habitat.


15 thoughts on “Untold Story of Every Elephant.

  1. Great message 😇❤

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    1. Thank you 🖤

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  2. Super dude..❤

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    1. Thanks bro 🖤


  3. syncwithdeep Jul 14, 2018 — 20:30

    That was a
    lovely read
    my heart is
    struck with grief
    saddened by the
    atrocity to
    elephant’s life..

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    1. Yeah that’s why we need to stop them … Together we all can !! 🖤

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      1. syncwithdeep Jul 14, 2018 — 20:59

        Great write up

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      2. Thank you so much 🖤

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  4. Dumbstruck with pain and greif in heart……I think only human species are capable of doing all this for mere money.


  5. Great message and a brilliant eye opening exposure on cruelty.


  6. I adore elephants and this hurt my heart. It’s tragic. Humans need to realise we are not the superior animal. 💙🐘


    1. Yeah of course ❤️


  7. parikhitdutta Nov 5, 2018 — 23:19

    This is heart breaking


  8. All the people should take effort and try to stop this inhuman treatment of elephants.

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