The Untold Truth about our Environment !!

So if anyone thinks planting trees and stopping deforestation gonna help you in saving the earth and reduce the global temperature of our earth, read this and try to understand the real situation that prevails !!

Yeah, the forest does contribute to that but if you analyze the data you will find that it contributes only around 20% oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere. So what really does the magic towards the oxygen’s contribution. Well, its the smallest organism that makes the biggest impact on our ecosystem. The Phytoplankton, a tiny ocean plant that lives in water surfaces and drifts along the currents. They contribute nearly 50-85% of the oxygen. Like all plants, they photosynthesize – that is, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food. A byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen. These tiny plants have played the vital role in oxygen contribution by about 400 million years ago.


We have been taught and influenced to take care of the land that we even forgot there is even life in the oceans. We dump around 14 billion pounds of garbage into the ocean annually. It affects these small organisms whose living is in the ocean waters, ultimately affecting the oxygen contribution and along with the air pollution which we humans create, only makes it even worse. The consequences of our activities affect every cycle on our planet and have caused more extinction of other living beings.


This shows how much we have already polluted the oceans. We focus on so many major factors that we even forgot these minor facts around us which affect not only our species but each and every species on the planet. We call ourselves the most superior mammal and the most intelligent species on earth. But was earth created to populate only humans! It is the place for million other species that live in this stable planet. We do everything for the good living of our species and let other species to suffer. So let us start thinking towards creating a better life for each and every species on our planet ..!!

13 thoughts on “The Untold Truth about our Environment !!

  1. chrisbrittany Aug 1, 2018 — 16:48

    Thank you for enlightening me with the truth about the environment . This is really informative. Write more articles like these ☺☺

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    1. Yeah sure will try to do more !!


  2. This is something I wasn’t aware of ! 🤓

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    1. There are many things we aren’t aware of 😂😂

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  3. srilahari72 Aug 2, 2018 — 19:45

    That’s true.Lets stop polluting the ocean.

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  4. Very informative..thank you for writing about it!

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    1. pleasure !!

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  5. Excellent post about ocean pollution…very informative…

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  6. It’s really sad what we as a species have done to others, and the planet in general. I’ve just written about extinction on here – it’s extremely alarming:

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  7. Informative !! “Live and let Live” suits for our human species

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  8. Informative post..thanx 4 share it

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  9. I have heard the rainforest statistics before-and do recognize that topsoil is thin and poor, in Amazonia. The ocean is indeed huge, and deserves the lion’s share of our attention. This does NOT mean that we should indulge our whims, in clear-cutting the forests.


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