Overlooked Love – #chap7 – So close yet so far !

Hey everyone !

Hope everyone are doing good 🙂 . Please read the previous episode or else you wont be able to understand this chapter .

Here comes the next incident!

I wasnt able to answer that question immediately. If I was questioned the same a year back I would have said a no in no time but now I’m thinking.

Yet somehow I said a “no”.

Anyways she is going to tease me but the Irony was she accepted it that day knowing the truth.

She was able to see the love in my eyes while I was explaining her.

( The importance he gives me. I’m just his junior may be a good friend thats it. I wont do this for my junior. Why he has to come all way from home during a holiday just to complete the dare. Anyways I’m very happy. I wouldnt be this much happier even if he had completed the dare.)

Its neither just an attraction nor love. Im unable to explain that relationship. He has turned to be my soul friend. I started listening to his stupid talks. He is not perfect. I started smiling even at his lies. Just from my text he is able to feel me, whether im happy or sad. And even now when you question me i dont know what i like in him which trait or character. He is “my senior ji” and i like him for what he is.

Some moments can never be put in words those are to be felt, its magical. Thats what i had with him. He is my special friend, a soul friend.♥️

You know what life doesnt always fulfills your expectation it gives you unexpected things. Our study holidays came. We both were studying. Our chats reduced day by day. In a months time we even stopped chatting. I started to miss him. I wasnt able to understand why i miss him this much. I started questioning myself. May be he started losing interest in me.

He was not just the conversations we had. He is beyond that. I turned the pages back. I saw the whole year was filled with only him and those moments with him.

People has a habbit of leaving once you get addicted to them. I started waiting for his message. His online to turn typing. I was in some other world thinking only about him. I know the science behind hiccups yet a silly hope that he might be thinking of me.

The most dangerous thing about memory is remembering every little detail. I started reading our old converstions.

You can question me why didn’t you text him but somewhere my ego didn’t allow me to. Let him text me first why should I, he made an unsaid goodbye!! (every girls ego hit me too)

It was a unannounced friendship breakup. It didn’t affect me much. I didn’t cry but I’m not happy as i was before. I felt lifeless.

Later one day adhi and sona asked, “why are you always dull nowadays. What happened to you? ”
At first i said nothing and tried hard to avoid that conversation. But you know what your bestfriends always knows the truth behind your lies.
Adhi asked me, ” you both were not talking these days and thats the problem. Am i right? ”
I said, ” idiot, why should i worry if he doesnt talk to me. Stop assuming urself.”
Sona said, ” anu adhi just said you both but not you and karthick. Now say us what happened?”
I miss him. I miss the old us who always had time for me, who found excuses to talk to me. I dont know how to convey it, i miss him being my bestfriend.
Sona said, ” anu you have to accept this. You have fallen for him.”
I shouted, ” No. Not at all. We are very close that when he stopped talking it felt like a breakup. All this one whole year he was the only person i spoke with since day till dawn and even beyond that. So its natural to miss him.”
Adhi said, ” so it wasnt love we saw in your eyes while telling about him and now its not love behind your tears?”
I left the room without answering them. I started walking.

I dont have answers for their questions. There were thoughts flooding im my mind. May be i mistook all the laughs and long night chats into love. No i dont no to define it. I drowned in the waves of his words. Is this love?

In between this confusion I forgot things going around me.I didn’t notice the vehicle while crossing the road. I even forget where i was that time. I still dont remember what happened that day. But to my knowledge I met with an accident. I was taken to the hospital. In between the pain i wasnt able to understand things around me. The doctors said that my leg is fractured and some other minor injuries were there.

May be this is what love is. But i dont want it. I dont want him to love me. Im happy that i having good memories with him. Some stories are incomplete but is beautiful.
But one day i must confess him these things. The super stunts i have done for him😂. But i dont want him to love me in return. I no more want this person in my life.

Just one thing I have decided my happiness should not rely on some other person..

But then , many questions started arising ….

What does he feel about this relationship?

How will I know what feeling does he have for me ???

Stay tuned to know how I came to know about his feelings for me !

( Fingers crossed )

– With love

Anonymous girl

7 thoughts on “Overlooked Love – #chap7 – So close yet so far !

  1. Sometimes it is good to not get over-excited but just let the male lead the way in showing his interest. If you are overly interested, he will usually ultimately withdraw. But if you can continue to be just friends, Then if he is strongly wanting to be with you, he will make it clear to you, and then you can return the interest. Men still like to be the pursuers.

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    1. Yeah I totally agree with you 😃. Thank you for stopping by and sharing you valuable insights🌻❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 👌😍❤

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  3. Ego makes their relationship come to end. Whether it may be love or friendship. Ego played😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly

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