Life is like a flower

Life is like a flower, as the flower blooms and again dry up with the season, Life also has ups and downs.

But if we don’t face our problems we wouldn’t get the real happiness of it.

We should have to fight with our problems, will have to overcome from any obstacles, unless we wouldn’t get the real taste of it.

But don’t expect anything from anyone, be the hero of yourself, be believer of yourself.

Don’t depend on others.Focus on your dream, don’t let them incomplete.

Flowers are the example that with every season as it will change, so your life will also paint with brightest colors with its right time.

And when you get difficulties in your path close your eyes and say Aalhamdulillah, almighty will definitely show you the right door,though lately but surely.

Remember,if everyone leaves you don’t be sad because Allah the most high will not leave you anywhere anymore just Don’t give up, never ever.

2 thoughts on “Life is like a flower

  1. Beautifully amazing piece mate !!
    Loved reading it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are exactly right. The One True God does not abandon His children.


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