A love that has subsided fever called possessiveness

Plants blooming.

Having my tea on bed.

Drinking it sip by sip.

Enjoying its taste.

Feeling the freshness as the tea slips into me.

Preparing my mind to get ready for the day.

Likewise love has the same thing.

Seeing your loved one’s eye in the morning , makes you feel energetic.

Cuddling them makes you to feel the love by heart.

Kissing either in their cheeks or in their chin or in their lips or in their forehead especially in their eyes makes them to be in a state of well being.

Sometimes words like wherever you are , my heart seeks your attention., look into my eyes till you say spare me with kisses.

When it hits a point of possessiveness then your love is in the right way.

POSSESSIVENESS is a serious disease encountered by the most.

It is natural when it happens with quarrel. But if NOT , then you definitely need to open up your heart to your loved ones. If NOT , things might be wrong.

Once when possessiveness reaches the endstage, fever stage starts.

But love doesn’t need hyperpossessiveness right?

Comments invited.

A second part with psychotic love is on the go. Wait for it if you really loved it. Orelse tell me not to . So that I can go with someother plots.

Comments invited .

5 thoughts on “A love that has subsided fever called possessiveness

  1. Der Kuss
    Der KUSS
    ist ein ORGASMUS der SEELE …
    [ © PachT, Erfurt, 07.07.13 – 350. ]


  2. If love someone then u have little possessiveness for that one it is natural things


  3. Emotions need to be displayed and shared!


  4. So true… ❤️🦋🌀


  5. This is so truly beautiful indeed..this is belongingness rather than being possessiveness..😊

    Liked by 1 person

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