Writer’s Anguish

All my life, I’ve struggled with describing exactly what it is I’m feeling and relaying it as it is to the people intended. It’s ironical to me, as someone who loves to write and expresses herself through words, that I’d still lack the know-how in expressing mysef justly.

But isn’t that what writing is about? Finding your inner voice and speaking up when you’ve had all those ideas and feelings bottled up for God know how long.

I’ve got readers who tell me how I’ve hit the nail on its head in many of my writings, that I’ve spoken the words that they’ve struggled many a time to voice. Feelings they hadn’t found the right words to express and instances when they hadn’t known this was exactly what they had felt until ta-da they’d read something I’d written that they could relate to and it surprised them that that was the reality of their situations.

What they don’t know is I struggle too! I find it hard as they do too in sometimes opening up and in telling people exactly what I’m feeling.

I ask myself this after much contemplation:

Am I scared of voicing out the real truth?

Is that what’s holding me back?

Your thoughts on this matter would be very much appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Anguish

  1. I am the muse. Come speak with me and I will hold you and tell you the truth.

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  2. Your 2 questions: yes. You are.

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  3. Only your heart knows the answers to your questions and your doubts!… 🙂

    “I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”

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  4. I can relate to this on an another level. Because it’s so hard for me to transform my emotions into words.

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  5. Angst

    Wer nur noch von ANGST beherrscht wird,
    hat sein SELBSTVERTRAUEN aufgegeben!
    © PachT, Erfurt, 16.05.13 (338.)



    ist die persönliche SCHEU, sich überhaupt
    einem TATBESTAND oder SACHVERHALT offen zu stellen …

    ist die akute BEFÜRCHTUNG,
    – bei einer möglichen ÜBERWINDUNG der SCHEU -,
    etwas mit NACHHALTIGKEIT falsch machen zu können …

    erweist sich dann, wenn
    vor einer akuten ENTSCHEIDUNG
    die SCHEU und ANGST nicht mehr dominieren …
    © PachT 2018 (624.)

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  6. anovicescribe Nov 5, 2018 — 20:59

    Well, thinking too much would not get you where you want to. Just shut off your head. And start with a word, a feeling, just observe. You will get there. I am also trying to get there. Hope we meet on the road to writing. 🙌🙌

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  7. Whatever you feel let it out, someone in your audience will relate to it!

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  8. Maybe you are scared. Maybe you don’t get the right words to express how you feel and so you struggle to write about them.

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  9. Or maybe you are not aware of your emotions till you actually put them into words.

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