Sailor’s Wife

When duty calls he’s not the one to step behind.
Strong as a mountain he is ready to face the grind.

Sleepless weary nights and the sea raising a storm.
He sails through the oceans without a squirm.

His work is his passion and the ship his mother.
He will always keep her safe and protect his brothers.

I know he thinks of me and misses me everyday.
And he is equally shattered for being away.

This man I love, is the elixir of my life.
I’ll forever be proud to be a sailor’s wife.

13 thoughts on “Sailor’s Wife

  1. That was a very sweet dedication which took the form of a lovely poem.

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    1. mommy_scribbles Aug 27, 2018 — 13:30

      Thank you Anamika 😀💗

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  2. This is lovely!
    I find this relatable because I am a daughter of a defence person ❤

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    1. mommy_scribbles Aug 27, 2018 — 13:30

      And me a wife to an ex-navy 😊

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  3. chrisbrittany Aug 30, 2018 — 12:26

    How lovely is this ❤

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    1. mommy_scribbles Aug 31, 2018 — 12:42

      Thank you 😊💕

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  4. Fascinating, this is the beauty of words

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  5. I saw many of my son’s shipmates, as they returned to their wives and children, when he was on ship duty. It was the most bittersweet of times for all. I hope he returns to you, safe and sound.

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  6. This was beautiful. And even though I am not a wife but having dated two sailors myself it totally resonates. They are such great human beings to the very core of their hearts. They know the meaning of family and the pain of parting yet they are strong enough to impart their love to their near and dear ones. And I am glad I had and still do have people like them in my life. I loved this piece. 💞

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  7. My respect and thanks to your husband and all who have and are serving


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