Overlooked Love : #Chap5 – On My Birthday

Hey everyone !

Hope everyone are enjoying my story and I wanted to tell you all that you will be experiencing a different series of events from my next chapter .

So ,here is another incident from my life .

October 23, 2016,
~6 p.m~
Ranjini(one of my batchmate, very innocent friend of mine), I saw her entering every room in the hostel. After few minutes she came to the entertainment hall in the hostel, some five girls were there , including me. I noticed her, she was having some money in her hand. Then she saw us and asked for money. I questioned her, “For what Ranjini?” She replied, “Tonight we are going to cut cake in our hostel, Sona asked me to collect money from everyone and so“.
(Everyone started to laugh)
You might think whats so funny here to laugh. Yeah even Ranjini herself was puzzled. It’s a mandatory in our hostel to cut cakes on birthdays sharp at 12. So again what’s funny about it. Yeah it’s so funny because it was my birthday the next day.
( Now I hope u understand the joke😂)
My friends way of giving suprises.
One of my best birthdays I have ever celebrated. My friends gave me a lot of surprises. Starting from night 12 o clock , there were phone calls one after the other. It continued till 1.30 a.m. Suprise cake cutting at 12 in our hostel room. I am overwhelmed with all the wishes and suprises. But in some corner my heart was waiting for one wish that was yet to come.
So who is the one…yeah…its none other than Karthick😅.
Later once all the fun ended I came back to the room. I opened my watsapp. There were messages flooding, I still remember out of 57 unread conversations, I first opened my senior jii’s message.

Karthick: Happy birthday Anu😊😊……(00:07 a.m)

( Yeah its a simple formal wish. Yet it made me smile like an idiot. I dint even open my gifts. I shouted, ” sona!!! See karthick has wished me”. She saw the message and gave me a strange look.
Not only sona, any person in her position will do the same. It’s not a big thing just a formal wish. But It made me super happy.)
Yeah that day I realized that you neither need expensive gifts nor great surprises. Just a wish from your loved one and their presence is enough to make you happy.
The next day, I went to college. My eyes kept searching for my Senior jii. I couldn’t see him the whole day. He didn’t even respond to my message.
Late in the evening he texted me.
Karthick: Anu where are you?
Anu: I’m in the library senior.
Karthika: How was your birthday..?
Anu: You didn’t even Call me😕
Karthick: 😂😂I’m busy today.
( What kind of guy is he. Just a call that takes only 2 minutes. But he could spend even that time for me)
Anu: k senior.

( My okay, ok and k implies my mood😂)

Karthick: then..?
Anu: How do you know it’s my birthday ?
Karthick: When is my birthday ?
Anu : Dec 3
Karthick: Now say me how do you know that ?
Anu: 😅
( He is not busy now even then he couldn’t Call me 😕)
Karthick: I have to go. Will text you later.
I kept my phone aside. And took my books.
Within 5 minutes he came to the library. He came near me, sat next to me. Wished me,
” Anu many more happy returns of the day!!”
He said, ” so Anu I have wished you, where is my chocolate?”
I said, ” where is my gift? Without gifts I won’t give chocolates”.
He smiled and took something from his pocket and gave me, The chewing gum😂.
Then he stood up from the chair and said “Bye, I’m leaving”.
I questioned him, ” Just now you came, why are you leaving so soon. You didn’t even study anything”.
He said , ” I came to the library just to wish you”.
(those 5 minutes, he just sat with me, he did nothing, still I felt happy ❤)

While leaving he gave me 2 gifts and said, “I wished to gift to you something but Im not that good in selection. With my poor taste I have bought you this gift. Hope so you like it.”

Later we both left the library. It was a very special evening. I opened those gifts. One is a alarm clock, a pink coloured one⏱. And the other a sling bag. From that day till now that alarm clock was the first thing I used to see once I wake up❣.

( Even without opening those gifts I loved it. I could see his efforts in that gift. And moreover it was a gift from my senior jii☺☺)

I took my mobile to thank him for his cute gifts. I started typing. Before I could send him the message, his message flashed😅( sometimes our telepathy too worked)

Karthick: Have you reached the hostel?

Anu: yes senior. Thank u soo much for the gift, I love it.

Karthick: Really? I wanted to gift you something special but I couldn’t.
Anu: senior, tis gift is very special for me.

Karthick: Anu when you are going to give me bday treat…?

Anu: Tomorrow?

Karthick: hey just like that I asked you. Leave it.

Anu: No senior we are going for dinner. When you ll be free?

Karthick : Tomorrow

Anu: Okay senior 😉

The next day I was very much excited. That was the very first time we both were going out. Our relationship is different from others. Instead of proposing and going on a date, we started caring, loving and respecting each other.

Till date I remember everything that happened that evening. It could be our first official dinner date😂.

We didn’t speak much that evening, but our eyes spoke love that can never be expressed by words. Eye contact is more intimate than words.

He is a vegetarian. The waiter came to take the order. I ordered for a chicken noodles within fraction of seconds I changed it as veg noodles.

Later while eating I asked him to taste my food. He said, ” it’s already heavy.”

I said, “Sharing senior haven’t your teacher taught you😉. I have made the order for you also.”

He said, ” I knew it. I saw you, changing your order to veg noodles.”

Yeah I changed the order just for him. Our relationship is one where we don’t need to convey things, we understand each other.

And finaly we ended the dinner with falooda and milkshake. He asked me for a return gift. I took the Umbrella tat was kept in the falooda for decoration purpose and gave it to him and said, ” senior a return gift with love from your annoying junior 😉”.

He said, ” I will keep it safely”.

Later that night he came with me to make sure I reach that hostel safely.

Yeah the whole evening was a daydream for me. Every little detail I remember. The way he took my milkshake. The way he opened the door for me. The way he laughed. Everything!!

So again question me, is this love😂…do I really love him or just starved for his attention and affection?

My reply would be the same, I like him. We have something beautiful and I don’t want to spoil it in the name of love❤

கரையைத் தொட்டுவிட்டு

பின்னோக்கி நகரும் அலைகள்
பொங்கியெழும் அலைகளின்
வேகத்தை குறைக்கத்தான் பார்க்கும்!ஆனால் அதன்பின் எழும் அலைகள்
ஆறுதலாய் அணைத்து அவற்றை கரைநோக்கி அழைத்துச் செல்லும்!
வேகத்தைக் குலைக்கும் காதலனாய் அவன் வேண்டாம் எனக்கு…காதல்மீதெனக்கு காதலில்லை…
நான் துவண்டு கிடக்கையில் புதுப்பித்து விடும் நண்பனாய் என்றென்றும் அவன் வேண்டுமெனக்கு!

It’s a modern fairytale , there are no happy endings !

Wondering why I said the above line ?

Stay tuned till I publish my next chapter .


– Anonymous girl.

22 thoughts on “Overlooked Love : #Chap5 – On My Birthday

  1. Oh Sri, you are leaving us in tender hooks every episode…. when is the nxt episode due? Can’t wait to read it…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha 😉😉!
      I don’t know , when she will send me the next chapter I will post it . 😋

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      1. Oh ok…..then i guess we just will have to wait, isn’t it?

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  2. anovicescribe Sep 17, 2018 — 00:16

    Known but still unknown. That feeling!! 👌👌

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  3. Very nice ..and can’t wait for next episode…
    Harshinee..can you translate the Tamil lines at the end??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah .. actually she is saying that the waves which return from shoreline will reduce the speed of new waves. But the next wave will guard it to shore. Similarly she doesn’t want lover to spoil her speed. She just needs a friend to lift her during her failures . She also says that she doesn’t have belief in love.

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  4. Enjoyed reading it😀

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed it😃. Will be posting the next chapter soon ❤

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      1. Looking fwd to it🙂

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  5. Amazing! Keep blogging! Nice story💐

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation 😍 ❤✨


      1. You’re most welcome friend 💐

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  6. Your stories are like manga without the drawings. Very sweet.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words ❤❤🌼


  7. Interesting. I liked the story. Can’t wait for another one!


  8. That was interesting to read.. So cute of the conversation between them.
    I will wait for the next chapter.. This is so much that reminds me of something..

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  9. vidhyalakshmi srinivasan Mar 1, 2019 — 10:40



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