Moth Seeking Flame (Series)

  1. Who says
    that it is only the moth
    who seeks the flame?
  2. I’ve got spirits
    in my head and
    they won’t go.
  3. I’ve got guns in my head and they won’t-
  1. I rise on the winds
    of smoke,
    beating its wings
    charged by
    sharp flutterings;
    Oh be still my beating heart.
  2. Can light oxidize the brain fog?
    Could really good lighting?
  1. My wings burn
    with that damned excitement
    destruction brings;
    ringing like white noise,
    smelling like static
  2. The moth has jumped ship
    while you and I
    are doomed
    to continue
    sailing to Byzantium.

Written by Sanjukta Chauhan

6 thoughts on “Moth Seeking Flame (Series)

  1. Series?? Is there more to come or are these snippets of an already existent schema?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha ❤ Actually I post poems I've already published on my account on instagram ( ) and over there it was published in snippets, hence the 'series'


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