⭐Love on Fire⭐

My eyes are getting glued to his sizzling orange colour
Which mesmerize my mind turning into white colour.
I admire his power to turn anything into ash
With no other thoughts in my mind that clash.
I intent to move closer to him as calmer
Like a snake dancing to its charmer.
Suddenly he pushed me off with his scorching heat waves
and whispered through his crackling flames

” I am so very powerful that no single product of nature have guts to touch me except air that kindles me
Have conscious to be cautious that You are playing with fire
Wait for your turn to come
Till then live your life to wholesome ! ”

Gaining consciousness by the blazing heat of him I sense my surrounding in reality,blinked and rubbed my eyes with smile …then kept more wooden sticks in the brazier to glow more fire and get warmth in that cold night


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