Who is correct ?

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us  ‘unknown’

By this time,you must have read the news that An American was killed by an isolated tribe in the sentinel Island of Andaman.Our sympathies  and prayers are for the young boy and his family.

The sentinelese people resist any attempt by outsiders to reach them.They are also protected by the Indians laws where in, it is illegal to approach them,since the government  wants to protect the tribe against outside diseases spreading to them and wiping out the entire tribe of 100- 200 people.( since these people have no immunity for diseases)

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is  one of the  union territories of India and are scattered group of islands in the bay of Bengal.

The Sentinelese people violently resist any contact with outsiders.

It is said that this young American wanted to reach this tribe to spread the Message of Jesus & Christianity and Love.

Man killed on remote Indian island tried to ‘declare Jesus’ to tribe


Now my point is who is correct & who is wrong ?

Is the tribe is correct in killing this young boy for reaching them (against their set of rules) ?

Is this young boy correct in reaching the tribe (against Indian laws) to spread the message since he believes in certain faith ?

Who is to Judge and what will be his or her Judgment ?

I remember the following quote….. that No body is wrong.

“Genuine tragedies  in the world are not conflicts between the right & wrong.They are conflicts between two rights”.  George Hegel

What are your thoughts ?

Thank you.   Philosophy through photography

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9 thoughts on “Who is correct ?

  1. Whatever it may be…Giving priority to value of life is must and due to which the laws,rights etc…are made i guess…They (tribes) might have enquired him or stopped him from entering to their place (like lilliputs did to Gulliver) before coming to this dreadful decission…Nobody possess any rights to kill others life…I personally feel that tribes are supposed to be warned strictly that the situation like this won’t happen again..On a conclusion Mistake is on the part of tribes and officers in charge observing the island….Prayers fr that soul to be rest in peace🙏

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  2. Thank you for the analysis.If you go through the Gaurdian paper link ( which I mentioned ),it is said he offered ₹ 25000 to the local fishermen for help to reach the spot.So a kind of bribe giver and bribe taker situation ? Sad end…..

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    1. Thank you Golden Bird .Yes.As quoted in the quote in post…no body is wrong…..ie both are right


  3. They were protecting themselves from an invasion which could kill them all. It is understandable that they acted in self-defense. The missionary knew the risk.

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    1. Thank you so much Paula Light .Yes he aware of the risk still took a chance.

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  4. We don’t want those tribes to die in the way the Native Americans died after the Europeans went there.
    This guy illegally entered the island to spread his religion like how missionaries did in Africa and the America. And got killed in the process. Hopefully, he didn’t spread any epidemic to the poor tribes.

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    1. Yeah.I agree with you on this point.May be that is what one enjoys by calling civilisation for betterment of humanity.

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