Overlooked Love : Chap #3 – Knowing Each Other !

Hey everyone! I hope you read the previous chapter – “Series of events” . If not , please read it .

Here comes my third chapter !

After our I.A we had Christmas and New year holidays for 10 days.

That afternoon we all started packing things from hostel, those last minute tensions, skipping lunch and everyone were hurrying to catch the train .

Somewhere in my mind Mr.anonymous popped out often. I wished to meet him again during this travel.

( Don’t imagine 😅it’s neither friendship nor love, remember he is my guy of dislike. But I’m curious just to know his name.)

Suddenly I saw someone just like him in the railway station and I got all the more excited !!

Wait…. this isn’t a movie😂 then how can this magic happen. It’s just too much of my imagination. It was not him.

We got into the train. We settled in our seats(the same seat where I met him for the very first time). Sona our chaterbox started her stories. I started listening to her yet my eyes kept searching for him.

I was so tired. Yet adhi and Sona’s endless dramas didn’t let me sleep.

Things were not as usual after this vaccation.

A day before new year I received a message from an unknown number.

Unknown: Hi…

Unknown: This is Karthick Krishna. I got your number from Raghav.

Unknown: Thanks for the model.

( yeah..!! Atlast it’s him. Mr.anonymous. He is Karthick Krishna. I’m happy, finally I found his name.☺

No not exactly happy 🙄 How can he get my number from someone without my permission!!With a mixture of emotions I replied him)

Me : welcome sir

(It’s a mandatory in our college to mention our seniors as Sir or Madam)

Karthick: Sorry I was not able to thank you that day.

Me : That’s okay sir.

Karthick: Haha..it’s not necessary to Call me sir. I’m just your senior.

(Again wow! What a senior . But the devil inside me peeps out, No!! don’t call him Bro. You don’t like him .Yeah! that right just because he apologized I won’t like him………So , what shall I call him? )

Me : Okay senior ji !!

Karthick: That’s good.

(Now it’s my turn what should I respond🤔….?)

Me : 😊😊

(I know this is not how it should end. But this time my girl’s attitude hit me saying why should you start a conversation😂….in his case for the first time this tomboyish girl started behaving like every other girl😅)

I waited, he has seen my text, he didn’t reply. I kept my phone aside and slept.

The next morning I saw my phone . The message from karthick read…

Karthick: then?

(Karthick it’s your fault, you shouldn’t have sent me that😂)

There started everything.

I still remember it was the day before New year 2016. He was the only person I kept chatting the whole day. May be the usual conversations regarding our schooling, native, friends, family, starting from our dreams in childhood dreams to our silly nightmares.

Yeah I’m not a easy go kind of girl. But that day, I still don’t know what made me to talk to an unknown person that much. May be his character, may be my opinions, may be my thought, may be we are damn bored of our vaccation😜 but something magical happened.

It was 12.00 new year 2016, he made me the first new year wish.☘ (YAAY)

Our college started after the vacation. We were back to our routine life. The first thing I told Adhi and Sona regarding my vaccation was Karthick. But really that day I didn’t imagine there are going to be days were I would only talk about Karthick in our room.

Then he started texting me daily. It turned to be a routine for us to greet morning wishes, to ask about our day, share our happiness, our sadness, our fears and my every night ends with his sweet dream wishes. Sometimes it ended with salt dreams too😂(Lol).He is very much concerned that I shouldn’t get diabetes with the sweet in his dreams (over cinematic, yet I liked him and his silly jokes).

One day I saw him in the college canteen. He came forward and spoke with me. In between the conversation I asked him to get me a candy. As a reward for doing his model. He took a chewing gum from his pocket and gave me.

(Oh!! What kind of guy is he😂 giving chewing gum to a girl in between those who turn up with diary milk silk even before asking.)

There is something special with that one Rupee chewing gum which made me wonder not only that one whole night but also made me keep the unopened chewing gum till date in my cupboard.🍬❤

Feb 13, 2016,

Started as an usual day. With our good morning texts. I had review that day. He helped me in preparing my software stuffs. I didn’t speak to him since morning as I was busy. I was very tired and so I slept. I woke around night 8 o’Clock . The first thought in my mind was him I forgot to thank him for helping me. I thanked him. He questioned me regarding the viva session. Then we kept chatting. It was around 11.45.

Days went,
Starting from laughing at him, to laughing with him. Somewhere we became close friends (Only friends☺)
Me : okay senior ji ! I feel sleepy good night .
Karthick: Hey I forgot to ask you something don’t go.
Me : regarding what Senior ?
Karthick: Your review.
( He started to discuss again regarding the review. Actually he already asked me these stuffs I was a little bit irritated, Why is he keeping on repeating the same stuffs.😒)
Karthick: Tomorrow is valentine day. You would get many proposals😜.
Me : Haha.. not as many as yours Senior.
Karthick: Happy valentine’s Day.
Me : Happy valentine’s Day Senior ji..!!

Karthick: good night.

( yeah I know, valentine’s Day is not for lovers alone, friends can do celebrate it. And moreover he dint propose me it was just a wish. I’m mature enough to know these stuffs)

May be this was the moment I fell for him. But something was magical !!!

Feb 14, 2016,

I took my mobile. I thought of sending him morning greetings. I opened his chat. His last was the time he sent me the last message the previous day. I was thinking whether should I message first or let him.

The mind will not remember exactly what happened but the heart remembers the feeling till date. He is not the boy of my dreams, no I dint fall for him. But there is something special about my senior ji..

Suddenly his last seen turned online and online to typing and I received the message.

Karthick: Happy morning Anuma😊





To know more about my love story stay tuned people ..

I am really humbled by the response you people have given over the past two weeks .Thank your for all the love ❤

Please comment and tell me what you think about my story and how do you think the story would have continued ??

14 thoughts on “Overlooked Love : Chap #3 – Knowing Each Other !

  1. anovicescribe Aug 14, 2018 — 13:41

    Loving it. 👌👌☺

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    1. Yeah! Her story is quite interesting 😋

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  2. 🤔🤔love story haha nice to see😊

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    1. Yeah ! On someone’s request 😋

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  3. Nice story😊… Like my story only. But i hope this story will have happy ending.😊😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Happy ending? I doubt it because the title suggests something else and I think there will more twists in the upcoming chapters.

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  4. Ya may be… Let’s see in upcoming chapters😉

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  5. Very interesting…waiting for more…☺️

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    1. 😍
      Will publish the next chap very soon

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  6. I had to say this, ur narration remind me so much of Love Guru in Radio City… You are maintaining a good pace and it is keeping us readers in a ‘what is going to happen next ‘ mode. A very good narration. ☺.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I will publish the next chapter within two days ❤

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      1. Oh great! I am looking forward for the next session. By the way you are really good at this. Keep up the good work.

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  7. Memory lane of mine..❤ Sep 19, 2019 — 21:29

    Hey where is the other chapters


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