The Most Expensive Thing About Parenting is The Wine 🍷

First off , parenting is HARD ! Don’t let anyone tell you different !

Taking the edge off every now and then is soooo needed , since my baby girl was born I have this urge to let loose and party all night long haha , I think its just my brain trying to rebel against the fact that I am now officially a grown up and on the wrong side of 20 .

That is why it is so important to me to “live it up” at night when she goes to bed , even if it is 18:30 on a Monday Night and it is only one glass of wine , it gives me the illusion of still getting to do what I want when I want 🤪

I told a friend who was over the other night “I can have fun and let loose , just quietly ” 🤣

But seriously , it is so important to take time for ourselves and do grown up things when having kids , you tend to feel like you don’t know who you are anymore if all you do is look after your baby the whole day (even tho it is amazing) !

So cheers 🍷

Ps. Although this post is during the day , I have not resorted to day drinking (yet)


3 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Thing About Parenting is The Wine 🍷

  1. Thank you for signing with your name. 🙂 and it’s fine drinking and having kids. I resent the idea that because you’re a mum now you’re not allowed to drink because you’re a mum. Gotta think of the baby. It’s not about you anymore. Ever. You’re a mum and so you’ll have to always be a mum first and foremost. Forever. Argh!!!!


  2. I had 4 children in 8 years. My husband was not supportive when it came to helping with the children. I am happy to say that I managed without a drop of alcohol or any drugs. As mothers we need to live by example for our children.

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