Saturday Night Fever

Did you ever think that you would enjoy just doing nothing so much ?

Since Paige was born , all I do is look forward to her bedtime haha ! I adore her and enjoy our time together so much , but I find myself missing the simple things; the listening to loud music , the watching a movie uninterrupted, going out for a movie or dinner, the things I took for granted before having a baby 🤰🏼

My husband and I do our best to spend time together when she goes to bed and to do something that we otherwise would not during the day. Although sometimes you are just too tired 💤

Before you have kids , people always tell you to enjoy each other first , take a few years and get to know each other because after you have children , you come second and you wont have time for any of that for quite a few years, boy were they right !

We were only married 4 months when we got pregnant , and although this experience so early on has made our bond stronger , it has surely been hard on our marriage as well , we are still getting to know each other , and what better way to do that than to put your marriage through intense pressure early on 🙈🤣

Everyone’s story is unique , but I love ours the most ! ❤️


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever

  1. Growing Pains Sep 13, 2018 — 04:37

    This hit deep for me. Our daughter was a BIG surprise. My then-girlfriend (now wife) and I had only been dating for about 9 months when our daughter was born unexpectedly. My girlfriend had no idea she was pregnant. She was rushed to the ER for what she thought was kidney stone pain and wham-o! Said daughter was also conceived on birth control. Huge shakeup. Fast forward. Daughter is now 4, and we’ve been married for nearly 3 years. Us not getting that “foundational” time as a couple is hard, even to this day, for all the reasons you describe. I love my wife and daughter to death, but its true, kids change things. Great, honest post.

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    1. Wow ! Yes , not expecting it makes it even harder to prepare yourself mentally , children are a blessing like you said , but adapting to a new lifestyle can take its toll ! So glad you guys are stronger for it and made it work . 😆

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      1. Growing Pains Sep 13, 2018 — 06:25

        We’re giving it our all, but some days…yeesh! 😁

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