Overlooked Love : Chapter #2 – Series Of Events

Hey everyone! I hope you read the previous chapter – First sight . If not , please read it .

Here comes my second chapter !

Nov 27th 2015,

Our routine life was going on.
The daily morning scenario of a typical hostel room, Sona was searching for her shawl, Adhi our “Makeup Queen” was standing in front of the mirror for more than 20 minutes and I was still in bed.
Sona shouted at me saying, “Anushiya get up! Just 15 mins more, we have to be in our class”.
I said, ” Sona please give me proxy I will attend the 2nd class I’m very tired.” I din’t sleep the previous night I had to complete one of my seniors model for their upcoming semester review.
This is a mandatory thing in our college, we juniors are meant to do our seniors model. Our seniors do help us by teaching us the software stuffs.
Sona reminded me that I have to handover the model to that senior by 9 am. So finaly I got up from my bed.
I was waiting in the canteen with the model. It was 9.30, Raghav Bro (the senior) didn’t turn up. I decided to leave.

I bought a lays and came out of the canteen and started walking towards the hostel. It was a cloudy and the climate was very pleasant . I could see the scary dark clouds approaching.

I just took few steps from the canteen when I heard someone calling me from behind. I just turned back . It was the guy I met in the train.
Actually it was not him who called me it was Raghav Bro who called me and that guy from the train was riding the bike.
They stopped the bike next to me. Raghav Bro said, ” Sorry Anu I was a bit late.”
As a junior I couldn’t say him anything more than “It’s ok Bro” 😂. But really speaking I was very much irritated.
The guy from the train, Mr.Anonymous spoke to me! He said,” I too have my model work, Can you do it for me?”
[ how can I do that.. surely not…he is the person of dislike at my first sight]
I said, ” Sorry, I have I.A next week and I have to study.”
He started requesting me. He even said, “You have done it for him, then why not for me?”
May be this is why I accepted to do for him. If he had ordered me that day I surely wouldn’t have accepted. But the way he requested me , made me to accept.

While this conversation was going on it started to rain.

I said, “I have to leave.”
He asked me, “Is that Lays in your hand ? Haven’t your teacher taught you about sharing?”.
[May be the first time I liked him a bit, only a bit for his innocence 😅]
I gave him the Lays and started walking. He asked me, “How can I call you? I have to explain my model so that you can start doing it.”
I smiled and said ,”Call me Anu😉.”
Anyway I knew he was asking for my mobile number.😜
For the first time I saw a senior requesting a junior . And his innocence , damn !
I told about him when I reached my room that night to my personal diary (Sona and Adhi).
Sona scolded him because that Lays I bought was for her😂.
But I was little bit upset because even after our 2nd meet I didn’t ask his name. I dint like him at first sight. Now as every other junior I hated him as he gave me models to do.
My curiosity to know his name grew day by day.
In a few days I completed the model . He asked me to bring it directly to the review by 10 am. I was a bit late that day. He was very tensed and he got the model in a hurry and left the place.
He didn’t even thank me that day.
Days went by , we didn’t have a chance to meet anywhere in the college for a couple of weeks .
Our I.A started and we all were busy preparing for it . I nearly forgot about this guy .
Is this the end ?
Will they meet again?

How does the story continue ?

Keep thinking and stay tuned till the next chapter because there is lot more coming !!

13 thoughts on “Overlooked Love : Chapter #2 – Series Of Events

  1. my interest is piqued. 😄

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    1. So is mine ! Waiting for that girl’s message about her next chapter .
      I will publish the next chapter as soon as she sends it to me 🙂


      1. awesome 👍🏻😄

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  2. Ok!! now I so intrigued to know what happens next… Please post the next chapter soon..

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    1. Ahh!! Yeah!
      Hope she sends the next chapter soon , so that I can publish 🙂

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  3. v.s.sowndara Pandian Aug 6, 2018 — 22:21

    Quite interesting. But I think a lots twist will come in upcoming chapters. May be!!😂

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    1. I guess so ! Lets wait patiently for her to send the next chapter 🙂

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  4. v.s.sowndara Pandian Aug 6, 2018 — 22:30


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  5. anovicescribe Aug 14, 2018 — 13:34

    What does I.A refers to?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Internal Assessment !
      Exams actually .😇


      1. anovicescribe Aug 14, 2018 — 19:17

        Ohh that was easy

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