If you are a fan of GOT, you are aware that Game of Thrones has given us a number of b*****d characters. That is OK, for the sake of story.

Is there any justification  if  you generalize and put all the men into that category ?

“All men are b******s. Some are obvious b******s. Some are covert b******s.

The ones who appear to be b******s are safer as you know what you are dealing with.

The men who hide behind a facade of manners and politeness are the coldest of b******s’.”
Reham Khan, Reham Khan


Is this too much ?

I never knew that,you can even categorize types of B*****D ( Visible & Polite )

Is this a specific charge or general statement?

If this is not real,Why you think men get such a bad name everywhere ?

Your thoughts ??

Thank you.   Philosophy through photography

Image Pixabay

6 thoughts on “B*****D

  1. In Game of Thrones, while there are definitely some bad guys… it seems that they way they are using b*****d is to refer illegitimacy in a culture that puts prestige on being the rightful heir – the first born son of wedlock.
    This is more slur against their station in life than a character statement (though in the case of Ramsay Bolton who is probably a psychopath, both descriptors seem accurate).

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    1. Thank you so much Melisa Rose Rogers for enlightening further the concept of the term B*****D.Appreciate.

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  2. There is nothing that can’t be classified, it just takes a little extra thought!


    1. Yes,possible.But is that not one individual experience with the world ? Others need not agree.Thanks for the response.Appreciate.


  3. Oh, the entertainment value of differing definitions of words. ❤️🦋🌀

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  4. Thank you Sheila Murrey for your prospective and it is true what you said.Yeah TRP tricks.
    My apologies for the delayed response,no idea how things happened this way.


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