“This Is Something We’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along”

When and why did humans start wiping or manually cleaning themselves post-defecation, since animals generally don’t do this? —Roger

Yes.Yes.You are right……I am seriously talking of the real Shit,not the shit happening in this world.This is for education purpose and also to bring awareness.
(warning- If you are sensitive type or If you’re shit scared of shitty matter, refrain from reading further and stop at this point)

How do you take a shit ?

Yes.I can feel your expression, ‘Yuck’ ‘Yuck’ Right ?

All of us feel disgusted when somebody talks of poop. “ughh…”.

I want to be brutally frank.

Talking of Poop ( except during eating ),I need not feel ashamed.Why should anybody,since It is one of the basic human actions.

Is not Poop part of our body, originated from the very Butter scotch we savored sometime back ?

As a medical professional,I forgot the word ‘Disgust’ long time back and know

nothing as to how it feels,since I have to deal with varieties of human health

problems daily.

Being a doctor, I am also particular about the way we undo the poop stuff, and

avoid infections,commonly Urinary tract infection more commonly in women,

and hemorrhoids in both men & women.

Right or wrong over the generations ,the parents have passed on the their

know-how to their children of post poop techniques.

But present day scenario is different( you can’t afford to fall sick ).

A proper training ,and awareness is very very important.

let me ask you a few simple questions.

1. Do you know how to poop ? ,I mean which position is better ?( toilet posture )

2. Do you use tissue paper or Water after poop ? ( convenience ) and which is more         hygienic ?

3. Do you use Right hand or left hand ?  and why you should know this ?

4. Direction of your hand movements- is  this from front to rear or rear to front               while wiping the Ass.Why you should care which direction the hand moves ?

5 . Do you always wash your hands after going to the Loo ?  and why should you be concerned  ?

Now let me analyze each.

1. Do you know how to poop ? ( toilet posture )

There are only two possible positions

A.sitting B. Squatting

A.Siting Posture

Don’t just sit there !

Disadvantages of sitting posture

1.Constipation.2.Hemorrhoids(piles).3.Urinary tract infections.( repeated urinary tract infection leading to renal failure )4.Hernia.5.Prolapse rectum/uterus. All these complications are  scientifically proved. )

Advantage-Sitting posture is convenient for the differently abled people.(if it is a Western Closet)

disgust,shit,shit posture
Correct posture during shitting
Source -squat easy

B.Squatting Posture

Squatting position in the western type of toilets-initially it is difficult but on practice you can do it regularly. ( you can use commercially available squat platforms). Even if these platforms are not available you can still do it.See this video clip.

Squatting position- in Asian type of toilets one does not have any problem to squat.squatting toilet

Physically challenged people or those with spine/Disc problems, find it extremely inconvenient to use these type of toilets unlike western toilets.

2. Do you use tissue paper or Water after poop ? ( convenience ) and which is more hygienic ?

Cleaning your bottom hole with toilet paper– This process is said to leave some shit traces,and the person is said to carry this,wherever he/she goes). So in this technique -you should not rub or wipe the shit,instead you pick it with toilet tissue.

How to effectively clean up your butt after poo?

Washing your rear with water,then pat down with a towel or soft toilet paper. Said to be most hygienic way.

Water is better.Toilet paper is not our only option.

3. Do you use Right hand or left hand ?  and why you should know this ?

Don’t use Right hand, Remember your right hand is used for eating ,shaking hand etc.

Using Just  hand & water (popular method in under developed/developing Asian countries)

Most of the toilets will have Bucket filled with water and a Mug.

Once you have the water in the mug, hold it with your right hand and take it behind and tilt it a bit so that water starts falling slowly..make sure that it falls in the center (butt cleave) and from left hand side you are supposed to wipe the poop, with left hand,clean the area with movements of left hand along with water splash.

Now the most important job…give your hands a good soap water wash after that. At this stage you can use tissue paper to wipe the wet area dry.I must say it all feels far more natural than using paper and either flushing it into the sea, or, even worse, leaving it for someone else to deal with !!

4. Direction of your hand movements- is  this from front to rear or rear to front while wiping the Ass and Why you should care which direction the hand moves?

Though humans have advanced so much so far but in regards to wiping our Ass we are million years behind.

The way you wipe is more important than you think.

It is not the number of swipes you make but how you make it. and how much pressure you apply.Don’t wipe aggressively so that it hurts your anus,neither swipe weakly so that you leave some traces.Also never use moist tissue since it contains chemicals.

For  men-Back- front direction or front-back direction is OK.But preferred method is front to back.( balls to back)

For Women-Always do front to back wiping,Why,because if you wipe from back to front direction you are moving fecal matter towards vagina/urethra ,enough opportunity for the Urinary tract infection to set in.So ladies please watch !

5 . Do you always wash your hands after going to the Loo ?  and why should you be concerned  ?

It is said ,62% of men and 40% of women admit they don’t bother.

“No matter how careful you are wiping you will transfer some degree of fecal matter when you wipe.  Not washing your hands means you are responsible for transferring that fecal matter to food you handle, things you touch such as your own face, doorknobs, and so on.  This is the reason hand sinks are required in bathrooms and why you should use them, as this transfer of this fecal matter it a serious public health matter” Ken Streiff -Quora

In medical world-  it’s known as,Fecal-oral route infection.

Terminology used in general-

If you are an international traveler you should also remember the terminology used in different countries for the toilet namely,rest room,water closet,toilette,loo,dunny,ben-jo,bathroom,No-2 etc

Some observations from the westerners

“Speaking of intimate. I sit in the “Indian” fashion no matter where I am. Yes, even if it’s a Western-style toilet. Even if it’s in the US or Europe. I also secretly wish that the whole world adopted the “hygiene faucet” but alas, they are not ready yet… Toilet paper has everyone in its soft, papery grip.” Ben.A.Wise

“You see, in India, most toilets have a hose-sort-of-looking thing attached that you’re supposed to stick under your butt to wash yourself. In fact, most of India thinks toilet paper is actually sort of gross. The logic being, why wouldn’t you wash your butt after you poop the same way you’d wash your hands after you poop? Why are a few simple plies of toilet paper sufficient enough to get your downstairs clean?
It’s enough to make you wonder: Is everyone in the Western world just walking around with poop on their butts all day? Are we the weird ones? Is the butt hose truly the most hygienic way to clean up after taking care of business? 
It’s time the West embraced the butt hose. Our pants are full of microscopic shit particles and it’s really weird. In 2017 we need to really mix things up, and I think a fundamental rethinking of how we take a shit is a great first step”. Ryan Broderick

Click the Ryan Broderick link and see how well he analyses Indian toilets with water gun,bum sparay,bidet etc.

Why do we use toilet paper instead of water showers, especially in the West?

Thanks for patient reading.  Philosophy through photography

Kindly share your thoughts.





12 thoughts on ““This Is Something We’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along”

  1. Don’t shit where you eat, my friend. Don’t eat where you shit, on the other hand.. hang on… no not on to that.. It’s figurative.. hahaha. I totally squat poo. Sort of. A squatty potty foot stool which is totally just my bathroom laundry basket. Haha.
    You gotta make sure you’re hydrated and have a good healthy diet to allow for good pooping


    1. Ha ha Lovely quote.you are in the right direction . Perfect.Hey Kalliope thanks for stopping by.

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  2. I knew that theory!
    And…it helps!

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  3. An educational and interesting article!

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    1. Thank you so much Orvillewrong .You are kind and encouraging too.

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  4. syncwithdeep Nov 23, 2018 — 13:15

    U remind me piku movie


    1. Thank you Syncwithdeep.yeh You are right.Lots is potty talk

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      1. syncwithdeep Nov 23, 2018 — 15:53



  5. Thank you Sync with Deep.True.Plenty of potty talk


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