Overlooked Love ! Chapter #1: First Sight

A girl recently contacted me through Instagram and told me to post about her Love Story .

Her Love story will be posted in various Chapters !!

She doesn’t want her name mentioned . Thus an anonymous girl .

Here comes her story ,

Chapter #1 : First Sight

October 7th 2015 ,
I (Anu) was anxious because I had to catch the 4.45 train to Chennai.
I went shouting at my friend Sona ,”Can’t u see the tym, it’s 4.30, it’s season time and we are definitely going to miss the train “.
Sona is my roomate.
I went to Adhi’s(Adhitya) room and informed, “Adhi auto has arrived and it’s already too late hurry up”.
We are all second year B.Arch students, staying in the hostel from the same town.
This is our routine weekend senario.
The homesick kids hurrying to the hometown.
Gosh! We missed the train!
I am a bit short tempered 😅.
I shouted that we got late and we missed the train . I became very much tensed because we didn’t book the tickets earlier and it was a continuous holiday for 3 days and there wasn’t any seats available in the local trains .
After waiting for 2 long hours we finally saw a train coming . Adhi shouted, “See there is a train ” .Sona went to check whether it’s going to Chennai . To our luck it did ! We got into the train.

Even then I was very anxious because it will take 6 hrs to reach home .

We finaly settled in our seats. I sat near the window. Sona said, “Anu can you please shift I want the window seat”. I shifted and sat in the other corner. Adhi sat in the center.
I asked one of the passenger when will the train start. He told me it will start within 5 mins.
Adhi called both me and Sona and said, “Hey see the people in the back seat ! They are all our seniors. See them , they are asking some questions to the Freshers. I think we are going to have entertainment today”.
There was a small function in our college that day. I danced in that event. I danced for the first time in my College.
Adhi could hear people talking in the back seat. One of them said, “Hey see that’s the girl ( pointing me) who danced today” ,Adhi said this to me.
Sona slept as soon as the train started. I and Adhi started gossiping. We could hear our seniors still talking with the juniors. We both start giggling.
After 1 hour I searched my earphones in my bag and played my favourite playlist . The 3 rd song was Gore Gore , from a Tami movie❤. Adhi and I shared the same earphones. Adhi is a good singer. One of the lines in the song, “Aasai parvai parthu kondathu October matham ezhaam nal”.

Adhi said, ” Today is October 7th Anu”. I suddenly took my mobile and said ,” I’m going to keep this line as my status in whatsapp ” .

And then we started continue gossiping .

They say you don’t find your love.Your love finds you.But in my senario, may b I had some magical power even before seeing I came to know…” Aasai parvai parthu kondathu October matham 7am nal”.

Time went very slowly 😅

Suddenly ! I heard a voice, “Excuse me”.

I called adhi and said, ” Adhi they are calling us, I think so we are caught! ”

Adhi said, “Don’t worry Anu we are also seniors ,now just turn around and answer them.”
I turned back and I saw a guy .He said, “He is the one who called you”(pointing to the guy next to him).
I turned towards the guy sitting next to him. He said, ” You danced well”. Anu thanked him and turned immediately.

May be my first compliment from my senior. I turned immediately because of the fear of facing seniors alone . But I wanted to see him again. I didn’t even look at his face properly.

With all my courage I finally turned again and saw him. He smiled back.
I actually didn’t like him. And it was a dislike without any reason, dislike at first sight. But still, I wanted to know his name. So I kept my ears wide open just to hear someone calling his name.
The last 1 hour passed but I couldn’t notice even a single person calling him by his name.
By the mean time Sona woke up. Sona the chatter box started to talk and we kept listening to her stories. Finally my stop came and I waved bye to Sona and Adhi.
This travel was not as bad as I imagined. A travel with Full of fun and bits of attraction 😋. It was finaly 11 when I reached reached home.
My life took a lot of twists and turns after this journey !
I will continue the further incidents in the upcoming chapters ❤

Stay tuned !!

9 thoughts on “Overlooked Love ! Chapter #1: First Sight

  1. vishnupriya139 Aug 3, 2018 — 18:54

    The story is lovely .Can you explain me why is it titled as Overlooked Love ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You will come to know the reason behind the title after you read the whole story !! Just stay updated and read the upcoming chapters ❤


  2. SOWNDARAPANDIAN Aug 3, 2018 — 20:33

    Nice story!!!
    Waiting for upcoming chapters!!!😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😇😇 !!
      Will be posting the next chapter in a couple of days 😊


  3. Very interesting…can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Will publish the next chapter very soon ❤


  4. I am waiting for next chapter

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi ..the second chapter has been published 😇


  5. Intriguing! ❤️🦋🌀


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