Ignorance !!

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience regarding our generation. I don’t have any intentions to point out any particular religion or people.

Have you ever thought or felt why did you choose your religion or ever felt why you have been following it since your birth ? We never give a damn about this because we have been brought up in a way that it has been passed on from one generation to another like your Gene identify. And I have questioned many of my friends why do you identify yourself as this religion , they simply answer it’s because they have been brought up that way. And personally I felt that people who follow Hinduism had no reasons or didn’t even know why they follow it. Even at least other religions have some knowledge on their religious background and follow certain rules which their religion preach. But most of my friends had only one reason to be Hindu . I go to Temple worship God and that makes me a Hindu. Seriously? Even an other religion guy can enter a Hindu temple and worship. So does that even make him a Hindu ? This is where your ignorance starts right from your childhood. You have been taught to follow something without even knowing it’s true background. And many of us blindly follow it since we were brought up that way. We don’t even want to know about it. That’s where our ignorance level is. I am not pointing out a single religion here. As I mentioned this is my personal experience where I have questioned many of my friends and I found same sort of answers from a particular set of people. And the main reason for me to share this is to pass on the correct information to our next generation instead of asking them to blindly follow something. And we must question each and everything around us and come out of our ignorance shield and try to understand things. It’s not just about religion, it’s about knowing your true self. Never ignore to know about yourself !!

9 thoughts on “Ignorance !!

  1. That’s absolutely right….
    I belong to Sikhism. I know about the background to an extent…..
    But I’m not so familiar with the Religions’ topic…
    I just want to say that whatever we follow, whatever we do, whatever we believe in, we must must must know the reason behind that….Nd It must taught to the children from the beginning…..
    It would make them logical and rational….
    Thank you for sharing this post.

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  2. I may be right or wrong.Hinduism is vast more than ocean.It is difficult for parents to explain to the kids.It is anybody’s interest to know their religion to the extent possible.May be Sadguru Vasudev can explain

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    1. I am not saying parents should teach everything.. My interpretation is that individuals must try to know instead of blindly following stuffs !!


    2. As I mentioned it’s not just about Hinduism …

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  3. Read his youtube clips about Hindus.I am not able to provide the link


  4. Hi,canonboy96,Thanks for taking your time,that is exactly what I was trying to tell.


  5. It’s all a matter of individual faith which connects us to our source.
    Religions are defined by humans for their convenience but the real connection is always divine n self sustained.


    1. Couldn’t agree more BeingAlive I hope your answer once for clarifies the topic ‘ignorance’ People may or may not agree.

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      1. Oh thanku for your so kind words🙏🙂


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