statue-3520416_1280 (1)

you are
a mannequin
with heads high
and never cry

even amidst cracks
you are covered
sometimes with
full-length dress
stoles and drapes
with undies and bra
to brighten up
in the showroom lights
as a display chick
for the people to gaze
who sometimes touch
many times vandalize
for their sexual pleasure
you are just a statue
lifeless and headless
and no tears!!

Categories Poems, Values

12 thoughts on “life_less

  1. So profoundly poignant but beautifully penned

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  2. Excellent poetry.I felt the Mannequin is full of life and felt like telling us It’s story to somebody ‘willing’ to listen. Enjoyed reading.Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts😃

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  3. Oh my. This just captures life perfectly, right? I know you have your own sources of inspiration, because you draw inspiration from the world around you (like I do). I just wonder… this reminds me of me because it is essentially headless… hmm 🙂

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    1. Thank u so much. நன்றி


  4. Well written my friend..

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  5. Very touching !

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