Love and Pain on a Train

It was one of those days that she woke up knowing this just wasn’t her day. Her feet ached. Her back ached. Even her jaw ached when she yawned. It got her thinking why she just couldn’t give her office a ring and call in sick, but thinking of losing a day’s worth from her paycheck made her think again. Her life was that miserly. Raising her head off her pillow she screamed in pain as she found and felt a pair of tweezers unstick itself from her cheek and fall onto the bed.

She had been so out of it last night when she came in from work that she’d fallen headfirst onto her bed that was littered with the contents of the bag she’d turned out in the morning.

Rubbing her sensitive and painful cheek, she cursed at her luck of having to bump into the wall on her way to the bathroom.

What a lovely way to start her day.

She just had to miss her bus, didn’t she?

Why were the Greek gods out to get her today? Was Perseus perhaps tailing her? She looked and felt ridiculously vulnerable today. Somehow she felt there was more coming her way.

Heading towards the train station, she waited on the crowded platform for the next train, thinking of which tactics to use in fighting the hustle and bustle to hop on to the train.

It was in situations like these that her tomboyish ways came in handy. She could elbow, knee and trip anyone with an angelic smile plastered on her face in the crowded throng of people and no one would think twice it was her.

Growing up with three bothers toughened you up.

The train arrived and setting her plan into motion, she went through the moves and steps that had her boarding the bus in record time amidst a muttering of “oufs” and “ouches” being belled out by innocent people around her. She was almost on her way to secure a seat when a tree root popped out of nowhere and sent her flying headfirst into the nearest metal pole.

Clutching her throbbing forehead, she didn’t know who to feel more sorry for: herself or the poor passengers who had to hear her curse loudly sounding words like, “aphrodite…… you hog…. and rot in Hades’ forges.”

She really was so much into Greek mythology.

After five minutes of incessant muttering and clutching onto her throbbing forehead, she was lurched forward when the train started moving. Scanning the seats, she found one empty and headed towards it.

She was stopped short by what looked like the root that had sent her flying ten minutes ago. Looking closely this time, she made it out to be a man whose brown-clad and extremely long legs blocked her way. He was in his late twenties and was dressed smartly in a suit. He had a low haircut and wore glasses. He sported a trimmed beard and appeared to be busy scrolling through his phone.

She stared and stared and when she finally cleared her throat and caught his attention, she found herself looking into eyes that held her frozen for a minute or two.

His eyes were a light shade of brown- caramel like, and they were shaped in a way she’d never seen eyes shaped before. His glasses only seemed to magnify their beauty more.

He drew his legs from her path and when she made no move, he spoke, “Are you okay? You look like you’ve been mugged.”

Not forgetting her imprinted cheek and mountaineous forehead, add a dazed and dumbfounded demeanor, and yes, she definitely looked like someone who had been mugged and beaten up.

“Huh?!” she replied

“I can see whoever mugged you, hit you hard on your forehead with a bat or rod. But what I can’t understand is why they would use tweezers too,” he stated, seeming confused but interested at the same time.

She definitely did look comical.

Coming to her senses finally, she wiped her hand across her mouth and unsticking her tongue from the roof of her mouth said, “Perhaps you don’t remember tripping me back there earlier with your humongous feet and sending me flying into that pole?” she asked with growing irritation at him for being the cause of her aching forehead. She wasn’t going to be affected by his eyes. Nooo way.

At her question, the eyes in question went round in more surprise and she just wanted to scream from that electrifying feel she was getting from watching his nerdy and cute features.

“I did that? I really did that? I’m so so sorry…” and realizing what he’d just been the cause of, jumped off his seat apparently planning to offer it to her only to trip on his briefcase placed beside his feet on the ground and head directly towards her, bumping his head with her own. They fell to the ground, arms and feet entangled, curses of Zeus and Poseidon raining out loud once more.

What a day to meet your true love.

5 thoughts on “Love and Pain on a Train

  1. Loved this! Super cute and loved the little Greek Mythology bits:) xx~ great post! Jess~

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    1. thank you so much ♥️ Glad you liked it ☺️


  2. chrisbrittany Aug 16, 2018 — 15:41



  3. chrisbrittany Aug 16, 2018 — 15:42

    Aww! Cute ❤

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