Finding your Best Friend is an Art.

Friendship, a basic word on what the entire species of humanity stands today.  When we travel back to the origin of the human race, Friendships might have started from a simple act of a dude saving another dude from a furious animal during a hunt and they both smile at each other saying “hoo hoo” while raising their pointed hunting weapon towards the sky. Yeah, I see a lot of historical movies and read books.

Well, time moved on and we started talking and things got easier. A word or action of support, empathy, and happiness started building friendships. We began spending time together, sharing food, thoughts, events of life and so on.

So it is basically offering Time either Physically or Emotionally that another human lacks or finds more comfort with or peace and happiness, which creates a source of good memory.


Now, if you analyze the path of the evolution of friendship throughout the human history, two factors and their balance played an important role. One is Time offered physically and other is Time offered emotionally.

Let’s take the entire timeline of human history and divide that into three segments. The first segment or era is where Physical factor played a dominant role. The second segment found a balance between the two factorsphysical and emotional, while the third era where we live now is completely filled with baffled humans finding it hard to find who is our real friend as everyone acts like filling the time physically and emotionally the same way.

So, the memories we create mostly turns out to be a dummy once we realize they were not really our friend. This is the main vexation of the 21st century and we are completely baffled out.

Is there a solution for this?. I have been searching answer for this a long time and yeah there happens to be one. The solution is concealed in being friends with our twin who is always there for us. 


For all who is curious about a question of “How can everyone find their twin?” and “Do you understand that only 5% of the human population is twins?“. Yes! I do understand and the twin I mentioned here is the INNER SELF of us.

We all live as one character for the outer world and as another for our inner world. Make ur outer self be friends with the inner self. Once You get your inner self as your best friend, it’s gonna tell you who is your real friend on the outer world.

The real mix up we have about friendships these days origins due to the fact that we accept every time form of physical and emotional fill-ups from the people which are different from each other. But we think everyone kind of fills time the same due to our lack of perceptive powers and that leads to thinking everyone is the same. So we believe we have a lot of best friends and suddenly they will all start vanishing from our lives. 

Once we understand our purpose and how our time should be filled physically and emotionally, We can start filtering people in our life and can find who completes our puzzles of existence.

So, this inner best friend dude is going to help you everytime a person enters your life. He is going to make you understand that how your time form should be filled according to your puzzles, not what that person offers physically or emotionally.

He is going to find friends who complete you and who enhances you and who makes you a better person and above all who makes you live the life that you are meant to be

Now, go start being friends with your inner self.

Wishing you all a Happiest Friendship Day with your inner self.


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7 thoughts on “Finding your Best Friend is an Art.

  1. Simply beautiful! I liked the way how you came up being friends with inner self.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🖤😍🖤thank you 😎


  2. Interesting,the way you started and Came to a conclusion in a sensible manner…


    1. Thank you 🖤❤️


  3. Best friends are friends and they can be more or less. Like lovers or strangers. They are people we connect with. I’ll share this blog post a different time… it… oh jeez I feel fucking tense and afraid and stuff. But. It’s one of my key messages in my personal belief system about my personal religion and philosophy and spirituality. If i wrote my own bible, you would be one of my prophets.


  4. Very true 😊 I agree

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