A love that has no eyes – Part 2

If you guys wanna know the remaining story, please have a glance at my previous one ( click here to read the previous part )

She hugged him and said : Yes dear, we are the chosen one.

To our surprise, he didn’t donate his eyes to his girlfriend. When she grabbed his back of the body, she noticed a dip in his hip.

She saw some scratches and bruises in his body. He was happy seeing her but she cried a lot after seeing all those things in his body.

Later when she asked what has happened to him, he refused to say it.

They got married and a month went happily.

The boy is an educated fellow. He has completed his masters in accounts and administration.

He has got a job under the supervision of a medical representative and his wife has got a job with him undertaking all his works.

A few months later, they got a customer. He has seen the boy some years back in a place.

When he saw the boy again, he asked “Am I speaking to pros.4?”. To his surprise he dont want his identity to be revealed. He replied no.

At a point , he accepted it. When he asked why he was like that,he said the reason. My wife needs 10 lakhs for her eye transplant treatment. I Didn’t have that much money. So I wanted to save it for her. So I had no other options. So I’ve been like that since then. He realised that the boy has sacrificed everything for the comeback of his love.

The girl somehow heard this standing behind them hiding beyond the container..

When they went to their home, she asked him about that incident by lying on his chest.

He cried and said: he had to bare painful things for a lump sum of money. Those who came there will first enjoy my accomodation and then pay me my money. If they didnt enjoy it, then it is of no use. I didnt want to say you this ,but I cant hide it. Im sorry my dear.

When she realised these, she bet him and cried on his shoulder and kissed him. She then asked why you did this? Is it to marry me?

To her surprise he replied no. I did this to ask you if you could be my other better half or not?.

She asked what if I say no?

He replied then I would have asked you to marry me and I would be your other better half.

She laughed and hugged him tightly .

“This is one of my favourite love story which I wrote it in my 8th grade.”

Love has no end. In fact it makes them to love to their infinity.

Force of love is like the electrons revolving around the nucleus. When it increases its force, it comes further closer to the nucleus.

Likewise when you fight for silly things, it means that you guys are getting closer to each other than before.

So love to infinity. Love the heart.

-With love

Vishnu Chandran

3 thoughts on “A love that has no eyes – Part 2

  1. anovicescribe Oct 20, 2018 — 20:30

    I didnt expect this.. Awestruck man!!! 👍👍👌👌👌🙂😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love will always find a way!


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