Experience the healing power of the “Plant of Immortality” !

Have you ever heard about the ” Plant of Immortality ” ?

Well , you all might know it by its common name – Aloe Vera . It was called as the ‘ Plant of Immortality ‘ by the ancient Egyptians.

I have combined traditional knowledge and herbal wisdom , to show you how to grow Aloe vera successfully and make the best use of them in your daily life. With this comprehensive information on Aloe vera , I would like to educate you all on how to use them , how it will enable you to improve your health , save money and use fewer chemicals in your home . I hope that you find the information given below useful .


Aloe vera is a succulent plant with very fleshy light green leaves. In warm climates , it produces narrow tubular yellow flowers. Cape Aloe (Aloe ferox) is a much larger species that has long, greyish ,spiny succulent leaves and tall, handsome spikes of orange-red flowers.

  • Position – Aloe requires a sunny position and a very well drained soil .
  • Propagation – Aloe Vera rarely sets seeds in cool climates so it is usually propagated from offsets that form at the base of the plant . Allow these plantlets to dry for 2 days before planting them into small pots filled with gritty, free-draining potting mix. Once they are well established , transfer them to their permanent position.
  • Maintenance – Aloe is sensitive to temperature below 10 degree Celsius . Pot plants may be stood outside in summer only, as night-time temperatures in spring and autumn are often too chilly. Take care of the plants on windowsills , during winter nights . Keep dry at low temperatures , but water regularly in the growing season , allowing it to dry out between watering .

Herbal Medicine –

The clear gel from the cut leaves has many soothing and healing properties.

  • Part used – Leaves . the clear mucilaginous gel from the centre of the Aloe leaf has many anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
  • Uses – Aloe is best known for its ability to encourage the healing of burns . It can also be applied to wounds , abrasions , eczema, psoriasis and ulcers .
  • Other benefits – Preliminary research indicate that Aloe may be beneficial in a range of conditions such as non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus and high blood lipid levels .
  • Warning – Do not take Aloe internally if you are pregnant or breastfeeding . Topical application is safe during these times .

Harvesting Alo vera gel –

  • At their centre , Aloe vera gel contain a thick colourless gel. use it fresh , as soon as you have harvested it . Because, it is unstable and quickly loses its consistency . do not use any gel that has a green tinge.
  • Cut off a healthy large leaf close to its base .
  • Slice carefully along the centre of the leaf , along its entire length. Gently peel back the two cut edges . Use a blunt-edged knife to scrape the clear gel from the centre of the leaf , then place it in a bowl.

First Aid –

Stock up your garden and medicine cabinet with the right remedies and you will be ready to handle all life’s minor mishaps , from itches to grazes, scrapes and burns .

  • Speedy burn repair – Keep an Aloe plant in your kitchen windowsill so that its handy if you accidentally burn yourself while cooking . Not only does Aloe gel soothe the pain of burns, it also reduces inflammations . And if the skin is broken, Aloe helps to protect the burn site from infections as well as encourages the skin’s collagen to repair itself . The result is that burns and wounds heal more rapidly when Aloe vera is used ; in fact , reasearches estimate that using Aloe gel speeds up healing time by more than 8 days .
  • Dosage – Apply the gel from the centre of the Aloe leaf to the affected area 3 times per day . Avoid using small , young leaves , as the active constituents are most prevalent in older leaves .
  • Commercial produts – when shopping for commercial products, choose those certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC), which ensures the product is of high quality.

Natural Beauty –

Ultra soothing and nourishing for even the most parched and dehydrated skin . Aloe vera is also a mild exfoliant , gently removing the dead skin cells and stimulating cell regeneration , helping to prevent scarring and diminish wrinkles. It is also said that Cleopatra used its juices to help preserve her beauty.

  • Sunburn and Sun damage – While a degree of sun exposure is healthy helping strengthen bones and balance hormones , too much exposure damages skin . Always apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing in strong sun . If you do get sunburn , the usage of Aloe vera gel will ease the pain and speed healing .
  • Aloe vera wrap – Slice open fresh Aloe leaf and wrap it around the affected area like a bandage, so the gel sits against your skin . Leave it for 10 minutes , or until skill feels better, then rinse off . Aloe vera has a long history as a first aid treatment .
  • Anti -ageing mask – This softening and moisturising recipe helps to even out skin tone and fade age spots . Ingredients : 1 tablespoon honey , 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel , 1 tablespoon lemon juice , 10 teaspoon lemon essential oil and almond meal , sufficient enough to make paste . Method : Melt honey over low heat , in a small bowl, combine the Aloe gel with honey and lemon juice. add essential oil and mix thoroughly. now, add sufficient almond meal to make a soft paste ; it should not be too sloppy. Apply this mask on your face . Leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off with water and apply moisturiser.

Pet Care –

You can use Aloe effectively for minor ailments that may sometimes trouble your cat or dog . But remember , if any symptoms persist , you must seek veterinary help.

  • Scald ,sunburn or hot spot salve – Aloe vera takes the sting out of scalds and sunburn and soothes an itch with its moisturising properties.
  • Usage – Cut an Aloe vera leaf and apply the gel directly onto scalds, sunburns or hotspots caused by excessive scratching . Make sure you always break off the more mature leaves from the Aloe vera plant .

With gardening known- how , safe medicinal remedies and natural beauty products of Aloe vera , I hope u found this informative and useful !

11 thoughts on “Experience the healing power of the “Plant of Immortality” !

  1. That’s awesome benefit out of Aloe vera.. I use it for my hair care..

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    1. Hey Chiru .
      Oh that’s great and aloe is such a wonderful plant with many hidden powers 🌻

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      1. Yes so many.. Best i have heard is it can bring back the soft cheeks… Glad you shared it. Most people are unaware of this plant..


  2. I’ve used aloe vera, many times, for a full variety of health needs. It is everything you say here.

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  3. i love aloe vera,used it for my eczema.this is a great post! great pictures!


  4. Thanx 4 sharing this post


  5. Prabhjeet Kaur Nov 14, 2018 — 13:29

    But how to distinguish between a poisonous and a non poisonous aloevera


      1. Prabhjeet Kaur Dec 7, 2018 — 18:22

        Thank u


    1. Please go through this link to get your doubt clarified


  6. I really lucky to find this site on bing, just what I was looking for : D too saved to favorites.


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