The Test Of Time

She raced through the narrow streets with wind blowing on her face. Her hair all ruffled and flying. She had her hands spread. She twirled, she hopped, she jumped, she skipped. Her legs didn’t want to stop, she had enough energy to keep her going all day. Her shoulders bore no burden, her heart no worries; her mind was swift and sharp and her body, fine and healthy. Her little frock was rugged and muddy, and slippers about to wear out. She would still keep going, there was nothing that could stop her. She gazed into the sky with her bright brown eyes, looked as far and wide as she could. She had the whole world in front of her.

A far off trill brought her back to reality. She opened her eyes to pale grey walls and a fan that seemed to be rotating against its will. Those strained brown eyes have now seem to have lost the sparkle in them. Things have changed. She was no longer the little girl she wished she was. Her sore feet ached with just a few steps, her hands hung tired every day. Her skin has changed from a healthy tan to an anaemic pale. She rubbed her eyes and stumbled around for her glasses. She sat up slowly with her stiff back threatening to break. Her mind debated upon how nothing withstands the test of time. Not Beauty, not spirit, not existence. They’re all to be defeated by the cruel ticking of passing hours. She ambled through a narrow hallway, to a small mirror that hung over a wall. She closed her eyes again and pictured that girl with pink frock and her nose with freckles. Waving, jumping and swaying. She opened her eyes and walked back to the bed smiling, without looking into the mirror.

Written by – Sruthi Ravinder

8 thoughts on “The Test Of Time

  1. anovicescribe Aug 22, 2018 — 10:02

    Loved how the scene changed in the second passage. Enjoyed reading !! 👌🙂

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  2. Nice!! I loved the writing style…😀

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  3. Beautiful write up, keep the reader on the go!

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  4. I know that feeling, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Amazing!!!

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  6. Well penned !

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