Golden Framed

You’d always been their keeper

made sure never to betray a wish,

but don’t you see how easy you are to them?

you’re like a painting on their wall,

one they take seconds to smile at and admire in passing.

Show them those vibrant colors, I say.

Get yourself a golden frame.

Be the painting they bid on for millions and lose.

12 thoughts on “Golden Framed

  1. Holy shit

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    1. haha that was heartfelt 😋😄❤️❤️


      1. What can I say. I wear my heart on my sleeve

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      2. my best kind of people.


      3. Thank you


  2. For a masterpiece
    that keeps vanishing
    It appears
    I’m forever bidding
    ~ Zena, I love
    your golden poem

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    1. You are quite the poet yourself.
      Thank you.
      It truly means alot that you love it. ❤️

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  3. Shining, and uplifting,
    like a Gustav Klimt painting.

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    1. His art needs not to be framed by gold for it is golden in essence and by sight.

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  4. He was a true Master
    of his glorious craft.

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  5. Great writing! Really captures the feeling!

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  6. thank you so much!! much love

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