Mind Your Reaction

” Situations are powerless without your reaction ” !
Charu Gupta has beautifully explained how to tame your reactions .


As I’m getting older I’m becoming wiser. This is what I feel for myself and trust me what you feel about yourself is the most important!

Three years back I had an ugly spat with a colleague. Is it because I’m a Taurus or because of my upbringing or maybe due to my own beliefs, I can’t stand a lie or misinterpretation about my intensions. That person was blaming me for something that I had not done. How could’ve I taken that lie? I retaliated furiously. I wanted to put this clear in her mind that any attack on my honesty and character is NOT acceptable!

Come to the present day. Today when I look back on that incident, I feel how stupid I was to waste my energies. Was it really worth explaining my honesty or intensions to someone? And I’m sure that lady still holds grudges against me…

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