A treasure map made from The Space – Truth or Myth ?

At the height of the Cold War in 1963, NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper went on a mission to look for nuclear launch sites on his record-breaking Faith 7 flight in 1963. He set record for the longest single-man space flight on a 122-hour mission .

( Cooper , (pictured), who died at the age 77 in 2004, successfully piloted the Mercury -Atlas 9 Faith & Spacecraft around the Earth 22 times – the most of any astronaut ever at the times – over more than 34 hours in May 1963.)ictured), who died at the age of 77 in 2004, successfully piloted the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7    During this mission , he kept getting anomalous readings from his long-range surveillance equipment, notifying him for objects that were definitely not nuclear sites , in the shallow waters around the South Caribbean.

( The orbital map shows where Cooper’s voyage aboard the Mercury atlas 9Faith 7 Spacecraft shows the path above the Earth he travelled .)This orbital map shows where Cooper’s voyage aboard the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7 Spacecraft shows the  The anomalies appeared as dark patches in his photographs along the same route used by Spanish traders . He believed them to be shipwrecks, as they were not significant enough for nuclear sites .

(The maps were kept a secret for almost 40 years before Gordon decided to share them with Milkos.)he

 Cooper detected more than 100 such anomalies and jotted down their coordinates . He didn’t tell anyone about this for nearly 40 years . But , just before his death in 2004, he shared his secret with his friend who was a professional treasure hunter , Darrell Miklos .

This map has sparked the hunt for Treasure around the Caribbean and the explorers also believe that there’s a lot that will probably lead them to things of major historical value.

( Darrell Milkos  (pictured) , from Discovery Channel Show – Cooper’s Treasure).ll Miklos (pictured) tries to follow charts created by his long-time friend and pioneer, The treasure hunter , Milkos , after doing researches and checking the validity of the claim , set up an expedition to discover Cooper’s Treasure.

Some of the discoveries by Milkos using Cooper’s treasure map –

  • Old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships has been found in the Caribbean. The anchor weighs between 545kg and 680kg, which fits the typical size that would be needed for a Columbus-era ship.
  • A crossarm anchor circa 1800s, which was discovered and left at sea.
  • Square head nails, circa 1600s.
  • A mast deadeye – Deadeyes were used mainly in rigging for things like mast stays, and could also function as a pulley.
  • A square cut iron pin
  • Canon

The treasure hunter says , the big find of the premiere confirms they are on right track .

Milkos also says , with so much evidence mounting up, it looks like the discoveries are set to keep coming.

Ample Entertainment’s professional crew is currently filming Gemini Marine Explorations’ expeditions , Cooper’s Treasure, for the Discovery Channel. Amblin Entertainment, a Steven Spielberg company, is co-producing the project . The aim of this show is to serves as a reminder of what can be done with space exploration .

(pictured are two divers in the show headed towards one of the shipwrecks from the documentary series on Discovery Channel – Cooper’s Treasure.)Pictured are two divers headed towards one of the shipwreck

Many discoveries were revealed by D.Milkos in ” Cooper’s Treasure – Season 1″

Currently , ” Cooper’s Treasure – Season 2 ” has started , wherein , Milkos is yet to reveal many historic artifacts .

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