Drive away tiredness , stay active !

Do you feel tired all day long ?

Do not worry , because you are not the only one . It has been reported that every 2 in 5 individuals report feeling tired most of the days .

It is easy to blame a busy lifestyle on constant tiredness . But , there are many reasons people tire easily, and that can be physical, psychological and emotional.

Tiredness is generally a symptom which has an underlying cause . Many people complain of tiredness in different ways like –

  • weakness
  • lack of energy
  • constantly tired or exhausted
  • lack of motivation
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty starting and completing tasks.

Here are few underlying cause which can explain your constant tiredness

Sleep deprivation – Excess tiredness could be due to lack of sleep . It can be due to several things , so you need to look at your lifestyle, to find the reasons. When your body has the opportunity to sleep and wake at the same time, it begins to self regulate . This helps to control your energy and will make you feel more alert.

Anemia – One of the physical reasons for tiredness could be anemia. This could be a result of a lack of red blood cells, which bring oxygen from your lungs to your tissues and cells. There can be several causes for anemia, such as a deficiency of iron, folic acid, or vitamin B12. Treating this is simple , as eating iron rich food like spinach, ground nut , broccoli and red meat . But consult your doctor about the appropriate treatment.

Dehydration – Many people don’t drink enough water. Water makes up 60 percent of your body weight and is important for many bodily functions. Researchers believe parts of our brain may actually shrink when they’re low on liquids. Thus, you may start feeling tired even if you’re a tiny bit dehydrated. Just drink more water.

Dreary weather – Seasonal change can even cause tiredness and depression. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, affects lots of people.For some the effect is severe, and for others, it is minor. The main reason for it, is lack of sunlight when it’s rainy and cloudy, and there is so much less sunlight in the winter. This condition triggers bouts of tiredness and depression.Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day outside, even if the sun isn’t shining, and add a little exercise to your day which will make you active .

Sleep apnea – This could be one of the reasons if you are waking up tired .In this , your upper airway actually closes or collapses for a few seconds, which, in turn, alerts your brain to wake you up to begin breathing again. This may lead to interrupted breathing dozens or even hundreds of times a night , which eventually leads to tiredness .

Obesity – Being obese means you have more body-fat than is healthy. This can make you to feel tired all the time when you try to do normal daily activities. In addition, your body has to work harder at everything you do, and this also puts a strain on your heart. Importantly, being overweight or obese can cause sleep apnea. Do some exercise , drink more water and bring in some lifestyle changes to prevent it.

Thyroid dysfunction – Less production of thyroid hormone may lead to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism causes tiredness , an inability to concentrate, and muscle soreness, even with minor activity. Other symptoms include weight gain due to water retention and feeling cold all the time . Consult a doctor and get appropriate treatment .

Diabetes – Glucose is the fuel which keeps our body going . In case of type 2 diabetes, there is no enough energy to keep the body running smoothly . Hence, tiredness is one of the first sign experienced, as the first warning sign by a person with diabetes.

Excessive workouts – Excessive exercise is as bad as no exercise. A recent study has shown that almost 25% of individuals who follow an exercise regimen at the gym complain of being tired all day . Follow gentle workouts to minimise the tiredness.

Work overload – Most people nowadays try to do too many things 24/7 , which results in constant tiredness. Give yourself about 2 to 3 weeks to make some lifestyle changes: Trim your social schedule and scale back your workload at the office.Carve out plenty of time for true relaxation, simplify your schedule and multi-task in an efficient way to reduce your tiredness.

Chronic fatigue – It is characterized by an inability to function due to an extreme energy deficit . Many sufferers are unable to work and unable to maintain normal relationships, and about 25% of sufferers are house- or bed-ridden. There is no actual treatment for this , but antidepressants and talking to a therapist may help .

Being tired all the time is something you can do about. Follow the Nikey way (Just do it)! It’s as simple as taking a look at the points in this article and checking them against your lifestyle. Remember, tiredness is often due to physical , emotional and psychological cause . So , stay focussed and patiently address your mind, body, and spirit, you will find energy you didn’t know was available .

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